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How much to ship a car from Kuwait to USA

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Just curious how much approximately to ship a car from Kuwait to USA East coast? An if anyone would recommend any local good cheap shipping companies that do so? Thanks in advance.

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    thnaks for the reply. I will contact them and see. i heared that shipping to Kuwait is cheaper than the other way around, say back to Canada or the US? not sure if that is true or not?! reason behind it is there is always many cars being importaed into kuwait in masses, and so container price is cheaper, vs. not too many cars going back, and so you end up paying for th ewhole container price, vs. on the way in, the container may have 3 cars, and therefore you only pay for your fraction? not sure if that is true or not. thanks.

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    The shipping cost of a car will depend largely on the rate that is being currently charged for the shipping of a 20-foot marine container (I presume that your car is not longer than that). I had a car shipped from Canada to Kuwait, so that pricing is different from the quotes you are likely to receive here. For starters, you may want to try:

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