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Is there anywhere I can take courses to learn Arabic

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I have been here for a few months and would like to take courses in Arabic. I know of the Aware Center, but there schedule for introductory classes, conflict with my schedule. I live in the Jabryia area. Thanks

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    Speak Kuwaiti - Book

    This book will give local residents a good understanding on how to talk and communicate at places like restaurants, shops, among friends, on the phone, buying & selling, greetings, asking for directions & places and much more. From everyday conversation to the language of friendship – a guide to Kuwaiti Arabic as it’s really spoken.

  • Ahmad Saleh

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    Hi all,

    My name is Ahmad, I work as educational specialist in Kuwait. If you are interested in private tutor for learning Arabic you are welcome to contact me. You can find my contact information in my profile here.


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    thank you sir

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    please i want kearn arabic please if u can help to me

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    Hi Moonirah,

    Many thanks for letting me know. I will keep that in mind. Well good to know now.

    I also checked the website FreeKuwait but they don't have anything abt fishing on the site.

    Thanks again & Best Regards

  • Moonirah Kuwait


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    Well intended advice ? Authorities staff in the Arab world participate in and peruse social media chat forums where u r, as well as is done in Britain - that is how benefit cheats are caught plus whatever else illegal which they pick up on, so stop typing in public posts u r seeking employment in Q8 as it is against the laws of Kuwait to visit seeking employment. 1 technicality which nobody seems to have mentioned so that u r aware.

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    Thanks Moonirah for your warm welcome. Am sure Kuwait is a nice place but surely the heat is unbearable. Wil check the FreeKuwait website and hopefully it gives me some directions for it. In the meantime if you come across anything let me know. Thanks again

    @ Dawn dddd - A year is also a very short span but as far as you are enjoying it, great... I am in the process of settling here.. Also looking for Employment at the same time. Came to know from the posts earlier that u need INFLUENCE to work in Kuwait. Surprised that Work Experience and Qualifiication does not count.
    Not sure abt the cooking classes in TIES, will take a look. Also will let you know if i hear anything abt fishing. Enjoy your vacation.

    Take care :-)

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    Thans Claire for the book infor. sounds good,I will check it out whn I'm back in Kuwait from my vacation.
    @Technicality, hope you settle in to Kuwait nicely :) I've only been in kuwait for a year, and still settling in, but I am enjoying living there.
    I liked TIES also for classes, nice teachers ad friendly people.
    They also have some good cooking classes too!
    I'm interested in about fishing so if you here anythng let me know.
    take care :)

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    I have been living in kuwait for 1 yr 9 months now and i actually found a place where you can learn off hwy 30 exit 207 past fintas going toward kuwait city or after salwa coming from kuwait city Its called Islamic Cultural Center (ICC) if you look it up on facebook it give you all the details did I mention that its totally free.... Yes, Free!!

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    I am also new to Kuwait landed a month back.

    On reading your posts, i also agree with you all that TIES Centre is really good. I joined it as well. Also you can also use Google Translate function for specific words that you want to use. A simple English to Arabic along with the pronunciation is also available there.

    Can anyone tell me if one can go fishing in Kuwait. But i dont have the equipments either. Just want to go ahead and try it.


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