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Job offer - is salary sufficient?

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Hi friends,
I have been offered a job in Kuwait of a Network Engineer. My total experience is 2 years with a Teleco.
The offer is like
basic salary: 450 KD per month
Monthly Allowance: 50 KD per month
Monthly Bonus: 50 KD per month (only effective when i complete a certification)

Is this sufficient for a couple? They havent talked about the accommodation, tranportation, and medical as yet.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Thank you

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  • Ibrahim ~

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    Hi S T

    If you will be staying at Al Khafji area (KSA). the life expenses will be much cheaper than Kuwait, because the rental, school and grocery expenses is very less than Kuwait, but at Al Khafji area, there is only one school that provide English language speaking option, it recently opened for oil company workers. the good thing about this school is that each class has no more than 6 students.for more information check

    Regarding the life expenses and rental prices, I checked the prices through a friend staying in Al Khafji. the building structure mostly in Al Khafji area is no more than 3 floors, the windows design size is very small (70x60) for privacy reasons. also because all women/girls wiring hejab! all women should wear a hijab as a mandatory by sharia-law. for this reason or another, the place is very safe! more than what you think.. :)

    the rental prices for an apartment 3 bedrooms the price starts for 90 K.D. approx 1165 Saudi Arabia Riyal (S.A.R.) monthly installment. for 2 bedroom 70 K.D. equivalent 900 S.A.R. monthly.. for more information u can call a real estate agent. they'll help you with it so much.

    Moreover, the daily activities other than work in Al Khafji is some how limited. there is some beautiful garden and national park, small shopping mall's and the sea side is very nice and clean. but the entertainment place's are very much limited comparing to Kuwait.

    A lot to say about Al Khafji......

    have a good day, cheers


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    You need 500 to 600. This is decent. 400 can be a starting point like i told you before. But it will be tight. If your spouse is also working then you will be fine. Else, with 1 person salary of 400 is too tight. You purpose of leaving home and working away is not met.

    Did your company agree to have you in kuwait. give me a call if everything goes fine then i can help u in a betterway.

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    Ok what should be the decent salary in Kuwait?

    I am gonna say sorry to them ... i would ask them two things

    a) i would like to work in kuwait
    b) i think 500 KD is not enough

    so for option b, i would have to give them my demand ... 600 would be fine?

    coz i dont want to go abroad and then live on a tight budget to be honest

  • Ahmad Zain

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    hmmm..No idea in this case because you want to bring your family and no one here knows how much the rent and other commodities of life will cost you in Saudi Arabia. Check in a Saudi forum.

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    Dear Friends,
    Thank you very much for your replies. Sorry i couldnt reply you in time as i was out of station.
    Well ... thats true i would be, if i accept the offer, based in Saudi Arabia at client site in Khafji city. At this moment i dont know the durtation of the project. All i know that Khafji city is a far far place in Saudi Arabia - 130 km away from Kuwait city. Also there would be very few 'things to do' there in Khafji city.
    I asked asked about the accommodation. The company would only pay for my air ticket (one way) and for single accommodation i.e. if i decide to take family with me, i would have to pay for it. Same goes for the Medical insurance...
    So thats the story ... still not sure if i shuld go for it ...

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    I spoke to him personally. His company is based in kuwait and contract is in saudi

  • Ahmad Zain

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    Read it again. He has a job offer from Kuwait.

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    The owner of this thread is supposed to work in Saudi and not in kuwait. Hence, he would not be staying here. The arguements over rents and living costs will certainly help others who can read and understand the life in kuwait.

    To add my 2 cents, this salary to any national would be a good starting point. But certainly not to live with.There isn't a need for a techie to find old buildings in corners. kuwait is not happening either. No gains + boredom = not worth staying in kuwait.

  • Ahmad Zain

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    Hi B Arrow,
    First of all, I must say that you are right in one way but wrong in the other way. Because you are westerner, so, of course this 150 KD rent recommendation is not for you because your salaries are not in the range which OP is offered. The guy whom I suggested is from Pakistan not from west. And because I am also from Pakistan so I suggested him what he can afford and what not within this salary. Anyway, I am sure that we can find a flat in farwaniya for a family starting from 150 to onwards (upto 220 a good flat is available) with single bedroon and one hall. You can find a big flat of this kind in old buildings, but in the new buildings, they are very small even for a single family and yes the rent starts from around 180 KD in those new buildings. And I think we can find this in Mahboula Area as well.
    Anyway, in the end it is the OP who has to decide whether he wants to live in a 350 KD rent flat or 150 or 200 or whatever. We just can say good luck to him...:)

  • B Arrow

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    I have not seen anything other than small studio flats for around 200 KD. Where are the 150 KD flats at? Can anyone tell me?

    If housing and transportation is not included along with your salary package, your budget will be very, very tight. It sounds like it will be tight anyway.

    iI have been pricing some places in the Fintas to Faheel area and haven't seen anything lower than 280 KD in the Mangaf area for a 2 bed, 2 bath flat. Otherwise the furnished flats seem to be in the 400 KD and up range. If you rent a flat that is not furnished you will have a very expensive first year getting all of the gear a flat needs. (Unless your company will give you money to ship your belongings over.)

    But good luck and congrats on the job offer.

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