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Kuwait Drivers License

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Quick question here. I'm still waiting on my employer/sponsor to finish up getting me my Kuwait Drivers License. I have my Civil ID.

The question, is it possible to buy a car, and then register it, and then get insurance, all without having to show a Kuwait Drivers License?


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    You don’t need to have licese to own car in Kuwait .

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    Since some of the posts in here helped me answer a few of my questions while I was browsing around, I probably should give back to the community. Here's some useful information you might want to save for future reference, keeping in mind that rules/regulations may change among different dealers:

    1 - Original Civil ID (Expats/Citizens)
    2- Recent statement of account. (Expats/Citizens)
    3- Recent & original salary certificate showing net salary and employment date. (Expats/Citizens)
    4- Original and recent salary certificate from Work Force and Labor Restructuring program (For private sector employees). (Citizens)
    5- Military ID ( For military only). (Citizens)

    Keep in mind that dealers ask for different documentation but the most common are 1 & 2 only. While Kuwait Finance House dealer asks for all of the above including driving license.

    I hope the information was useful. :)

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    I bought a new car from Alghanim dealer on 4th ring several months ago. The biggest thing they wanted to see was the arab language salary certificate for the financing. the wouldnt even look at the english one. the looked at my civil ID, my various work ID cards, no passport asked for. your driver license is tied to your civil ID number anyway so maybe it wasnt needed. the dearlership took car of getting the car tags and registration for 10KD and I was told that was well worth the price to have someone else stand in line and do all the running around for you.

    I dont think you will have a problem, but like everything else in this country, how it worked for me may not be the same for you since they are so inconsistent here.

    Another thing, if you are on a work visa you can not drive on your US/International license, but you can with a visit visa. go figure

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    No, it has nothing to do with ur driving license, as long as u have a civil ID u can buy they car.Think about it.. suppose that u cannot drive and u will buy the car and hire a driver. no reason to have ur own license.
    the problem will be if u r driving the car and u were asked to show ur driving license, there u will be in trouble.

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    I plan to buy a used car from a dealership.

    Your answer left me thinking that you weren't sure if a dealership would ask me for my Kuwait Drivers License.

    Can you, or anyone, confirm whether or not a dealership will ask me for my Kuwait Drivers License?

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