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Looking for new friends in Kuwait

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I'm looking for new friends to break the working routine we live and learning together. We will go out, restaurants, coffe shops, malls, beach, sea trips, sports, etc. so all are welcome to join for free, yes I will pay all bills for all of us, Why? because I keen to know native English or good speakers due to TOEFL exam. I think I have to pay for that which will be more useful than the boring school.

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    Hi all, I am new to Kuwait has just arrived as a Physics Teacher. I am in need of good social circle of friends, where sex, religion, race is not counted. I would love to be ur friend.

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    To be hounst I don't know if this form is still active and both of you are still looking for friends . Since I also return from Sweden after studying my master . I can't find decent friends ..... So if any of you or even both that will be better just let me know ..... Take care

  • Amr Adel

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    Hi everyone, i just landed, 10 days ago, feeling terribly bored & always hangout alone..i hope i can make new friends here & hangout..hopefully soon i'll have this problem solved..

  • Juliana SD

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    merci :)

  • Juliana SD

    hi Mr. Richard and SEA

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  • Sea Breeze

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    I'm looking 4 friends to practice french language

  • Richard Luc

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    I am new in Kuwait and also looking for friends here. I am French and I live in Mahbulla....

  • arvin reyes

    hello mohamad

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    for room painting and other civil works u can contact me 60025192 i have people to work near mangaf with university graduate....d problems with too much corruption...i learned so far in getting kuwait embassy...anywhere...

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    Dear ones , am a kuwaiti my self nd i dont know whats worng with thease govements sincw the 15th of feb.2007 nd til now each a few weeks or more of months period nd a new regujustlation is isused no clear vision for labour laws 2 b known 1st nd clear

    if i wana open any small buissness such as a parbershop , Bakala, or do some maitanace work repaires or home repaires i have 2 bring A UNIVERSITEY GRADUATE 4 the work of parber ,even n euroup its not a must , nd even so.., how can i find a UNIVERSITEY GRADUATE 4 the job of paint for a room or a house or a Tiles or Ceramick fixing a Uiniversitey Graduate 4 that !!!!?????? i wonder n what field of studey is that IT or Mangment???!!!!!

    its seems that some greadey a dvicer said it should be suqeezed b4 opening any visa inorder 2 put it through big mafia agents like some other countrey coz poor people should not seek thier right unless they pay a tax 2 those every countrey labour sharks
    i pettey my countrey 2 come 2 this levels of coreption nd i feel sadley 4 the weekness of govrement fight against such unfairness 2 the weekones of all the boors
    am a kuwaiti nd n order 2 get a housemade 4 my wife nd young children as kuwait laws must come throught a privite office wud charge me 600KD , why ???!!!! its kuwaiti govremntal help for thouse labour mafia not a help 2 the housemaides or 2 the normal kuwaitey familleys

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    Hello my friend, so sorry to tell you no body can give you correct information about this because no body know, it is government issue.
    good luck

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