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    Dear ones , am a kuwaiti my self nd i dont know whats worng with thease govements sincw the 15th of feb.2007 nd til now each a few weeks or more of months period nd a new regujustlation is isused no clear vision for labour laws 2 b known 1st nd clear

    if i wana open any small buissness such as a parbershop , Bakala, or do some maitanace work repaires or home repaires i have 2 bring A UNIVERSITEY GRADUATE 4 the work of parber ,even n euroup its not a must , nd even so.., how can i find a UNIVERSITEY GRADUATE 4 the job of paint for a room or a house or a Tiles or Ceramick fixing a Uiniversitey Graduate 4 that !!!!?????? i wonder n what field of studey is that IT or Mangment???!!!!!

    its seems that some greadey a dvicer said it should be suqeezed b4 opening any visa inorder 2 put it through big mafia agents like some other countrey coz poor people should not seek thier right unless they pay a tax 2 those every countrey labour sharks
    i pettey my countrey 2 come 2 this levels of coreption nd i feel sadley 4 the weekness of govrement fight against such unfairness 2 the weekones of all the boors
    am a kuwaiti nd n order 2 get a housemade 4 my wife nd young children as kuwait laws must come throught a privite office wud charge me 600KD , why ???!!!! its kuwaiti govremntal help for thouse labour mafia not a help 2 the housemaides or 2 the normal kuwaitey familleys

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