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Marrying in Kuwait to Filipina Worker

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Done my fair share of researching but am some what confused.

Im an american Citizen, Living in the Philippines for the past few years,
my fiancee went off to Kuwait to work.
We plan on getting married in kuwait.

May i know what the process is?
The papers she would need to obtain to marry in Kuwait,
as well as the papers i would need to obtain?

from what i know she will need a CENOMAR (proving shes single)
but will that paper need to be Red Ribbon'd in the Philippines from the DFA
or do i just bring over the CENOMAR and will the ministry of affairs in kuwait accept it as is?
I also know that i have to go to my Embassy to obtain a Free to Marry form and have that taken care of,
but again what will i need to do with these papers other than obtain them?

Translate to arabic i presume
but the whole "red ribbon" process for Filipino's going to the middle east throws me off.

any feedback would be extremely helpful, on what other papers are needed, and how i need to prepare those papers for Kuwait.

o yes this will be just a plain Civil wedding.

Thank you!

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    Hello Jason,
    I have an American friend who just got married to his Filippina fiance 2 months ago, and i was with him step by step through the whole process because i can speak the language here. I cant remember much but i will try to explain to you whatever i can recall now, and when i meet my friend i will try to double check if i forgot something and add it afterwards. The whole process took us one month of exhausting, time wasting roaming around in circles procedures, but that was because we didnt have anyone with an experience in this specific issue to help us, and of course in Kuwait, the Government employees are not helpful at all. From my experience if you know what to do and have all your papers in hand you can finish in like 10 days .. which is good. But first of all, you both ( You and your fiance ) have to pass certain requirements:

    1- Both of you have to be working in kuwait and holding the 18 visa residence, otherwise you cannot get married under the Kuwaiti Law. If one of you only has the 18 visa residence, and the other one on a tourist visa, then there are no chances to get married here.

    2- If your intention was to come live in Kuwait with your wife, then better you get married in Philippines or in the states, then the one working in Kuwait ( in your case your fiance/wife) can sponser you to come to kuwait and have a residence through her (sponser's salary must be at least 500 kd in the original work permit), then you can change your residence afterwards to a working visa when you find a job.

    Ok, so now if you already have a residence in Kuwait as well as your fiance, and would like to get married in Kuwait, then you will need all what you have mentioned, plus all what april q8 has mentioned, plus some othe stuff, like:
    - Babtise certificate
    - Letter of singleness for both of you, each from respective country of origin ( ie. you - States, Her- Philpp.) The red ribbon is a must, all must be authenticated sequentially as follows : 1)Country's ministry, 2) DFA, 3) Kuwait's Embassy there / or Country's Embassy in Kuwait, then 4) DFA in Kuwait.
    - She will have to get another letter of singleness called (NOC) from the Church in Kuwait city, stamped and signed by the Filippino Parish priest there, His name was Father/ Ben his email was [...], i'll try to get you his phone number, as it was available to public. You have to take an appointment with him, he will then issue this letter after checking the Babtism Certificate, and the authenticated letter from Philippines. Two Catholic witnesses should be available with you to sign the NOC infront of him.
    - Next step is to go to the Vatican Embassy in the Gulf Road opposite to TGI Fridays, to authenticate the NOC from Church. (Appointment must be taken also)
    - NOC translation to Arabic ...
    - Then go to the Ministry of Justice in Kuwait City to present all those papers and make the marraige contract in the same day... process may take 3 to 4 hrs ... but as april q8 said above, marraige contracts can be done in certain days of the week, not everyday.
    - Some things have to be translated in arabic, and others dont .. i just dont remember exactly what, but translation here is easy, but has to be revised by an arabic reader who you trust because they make fetal mistakes, like in names and stuff like that .. translation costs usually 3 to 4 kd / paper ( ie. 10 to 14 US $)
    - You have to have 2 witnesses with you with Kuwaiti civil id numbers (residences or citizens) for the marraige contract.
    As i said, you can get the contract in the same day usually, all time is wasted for preparing the requirements.

    I hope the above helps .. wishing you two all the best in you life .. Congrats .. :))

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    You are welcome! :D I encountered the same thing when I first posted here (no one bothered to answer for a very long time).:D Hope everything will be alright.Hope to see you and your fiancee here.:) Goodluck and Godbless the both of you.:)

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    Thank you for the very detailed procedure.

    Very very very helpful! i thought that no-one was going to reply. will make sure to get everything straightened out.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi Jason! I hope this could help you.

    Getting Married
    Certificate of Singleness
    Birth Certificate
    Documents MUST be authenticated by DFA Philippines ( so you're right that these docs should be red ribboned)
    Visit Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and get a form (just ask them about the form to get marriend, I forgot what it’s called) and fill it up. Photocopy all your documents and submit them your form, along with your Certificate of Singleness, Birth Certificate and 2 passport size picture.
    Upon completion and submitting all required documents you will get the schedule of your wedding. Wedding rites are usually every Wednesday only.
    On your wedding day be sure to let 2 of your Ninangs/Ninongs to sign as a witness. After the wedding rites, wait for 2-3 working days for your marriage certificate. After getting your marriage certificate, have it translated to arabic and bring it back to the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and have it authenticated.
    Note: Girls below 25 years old MUST provide “Parents consent”.
    The whole process will cost you around KD 48 ( not sure of this though...better check with the embassy). Excluding photocopies and transportation
    Best wishes!

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