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Need help to estimate cost of living.

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Salam to all,
I am new in this forum and i need help to gauge a reasonable salary in Kuwait (KWD) to support a family with 2 kids (less than 3 yrs old). Can anyone help, at least with a range?

I would also appreciate if anyone can explain the tax scheme for foreigners working in kuwait.

many thanks.

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    my post was a replay not a main post.

    People are not angels nor gods .... but the logic and sanity are what we should be dealing by. majority vrs minority. what is the general status vs how big or small is minority

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    I agree and disagree with some part... What u are talking it's not about Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti... Being cheat can be happened in any country in the world. I have been here for long time, I have to accept that many Arabs look down on Asian.. But not all. I have many Arab and also Kuwaiti friends that they are very nice. So it's not about nationality or country... it's just about ppl. And it'a also about urslef. Before getting contract, so more research about the company that offer ur job. And again it's not about Kuwait.. U have to check like this in any countries u r going to work.. even US, europe.. or Asia. U can be cheat anywhere if u dont be careful.

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    it is a known fact that US expatriates are getting the highest salaries in Kuwait and Usually Housing if not (and Schooling) are inclusive with in there contracts :)

    Not the best place to raise a family you said!!!
    Because the crime rate is very low? Because Alcohol & prostitution are illegal? Because the black market is a hard access and very expensive especially for liquors?
    I am sorry but you didn't make any since to me. And what you said is completely against what all my expatriates’ friends are saying and telling all the time.

    And yes maybe there are some Kuwaitis don't stick to the contracts (it is not heaven) but there is law that handles this and it will never be to the best of the violator.
    Even the people who are coming to Kuwait to work for individuals (not for companies) are supported by the law if they decided not to work for the person and went to a police station or their country's embassy!!!


    range of salary for house mades is never less than 30 KD and is being explained (accomadation and food) are on the house owner. But unfortunatly greedness of the people makes them wanting to gain more money by runing away from there job and practice prostitution and other hourly paied activities.

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    Dear Angel Z,

    If you so don't like Kuwait what you are still doing there, why you just not leave this country, and how you can be sure about other country if it is good or bad, and please don't talk about all the people because you said " kuwaitis ". Angel Z, excuse but it is not good to talk about country bad in which you stay, work and making money when there are other citizen " kuwaitis " as you said looking for job and like to have same salary as yours salary to support them families

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    Kamal my friend if you have other options please don't take Kuwait. The environment is not clean. My son is always in the hospital because the area is filthy. This is just a friendly advised. And you must be very careful because there's alot of people who pretends to be helpful but in the end they are the one who strike a knife at your back. If you could send me by private mail the company then I will do some research before you put yourself in a cliff. I don't want other people to be cheated with this Kuwaitis. A lot of people are suffering and most of them are doing illegal things in order to survive here in kUwait. Women are most in prostitution or having illegal relationship in order for them to get some money to send to their country.

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    Hi Yousef. Thanks, i would let you know if i got the job. Still evaluating my options.

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    True. I agree with that. Its all come down to personal expectation. Thanks for the info and may you and family finds greater joy in the new place!

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    Look cost of living depends on what kind of life you want. Education here for kids are too expensive. Kuwait is not an ideal place to raise a family. Everything is expensive here with less salary.

    Renting a MAZDA 3 2007 model is KD145. And you need to spend for the fuel.
    House rental is really depends on what location. KD60 for 3 kids husband and wife is way less. Internet also depends on how fast you want. Zain has KD30, VIVA is KD18 and Wataniya if I am not mistaken its KD25. Electric and water usually goes out with the rent.

    As far as tax is concern there's no tax for expats here in Kuwait. Oh God most of the companies are not paying well. And be careful because most of the Kuwaitis doesnt follow your contract.

    You better think twice before bringing your family here. Thank God my husband will be deployed some places. We will be out of Kuwait in 2 weeks.


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    Alhamdulillah. Good for you. Sound reasonable. Thank you for the information. Hopefully i'll get the job insyaallah.

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