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    it is a known fact that US expatriates are getting the highest salaries in Kuwait and Usually Housing if not (and Schooling) are inclusive with in there contracts :)

    Not the best place to raise a family you said!!!
    Because the crime rate is very low? Because Alcohol & prostitution are illegal? Because the black market is a hard access and very expensive especially for liquors?
    I am sorry but you didn't make any since to me. And what you said is completely against what all my expatriates’ friends are saying and telling all the time.

    And yes maybe there are some Kuwaitis don't stick to the contracts (it is not heaven) but there is law that handles this and it will never be to the best of the violator.
    Even the people who are coming to Kuwait to work for individuals (not for companies) are supported by the law if they decided not to work for the person and went to a police station or their country's embassy!!!


    range of salary for house mades is never less than 30 KD and is being explained (accomadation and food) are on the house owner. But unfortunatly greedness of the people makes them wanting to gain more money by runing away from there job and practice prostitution and other hourly paied activities.

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