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I just returned from a long stay in Kuwait, and I can't begin to think of a starting point to rant about my experience.
I was in Kuwait for one full year. I stayed in Salmiya, at a fairly nice residence. From the moment I arrived, I was appalled at how many of the expats and foreign nationals were treated by the Kuwaiti nationals. My observation merely reinforced the idea that the Americans are only in the country for the security of the oil, and not to maintain the relations with the Kuwaiti nationals.
After interviewing several western nationals, it was quite evident that Kuwait is a country that the Arab Community turns a blind eye to when it comes to human rights violations. If a woman has been hired in the Philippines as a receptionist or a bank executive, she will most certainly find herself being used as an abused maid or a sex slave, as this was my findings in several cases.
In conclusion, Kuwait is by far one the worst places to ever except a job. Some of my fellow Jordanians believe that if there was a nation of infidels and hypocrites it would be known as Kuwait.

  • random sculptures

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    i dont know how to start about kuwait, this country was built by foreigners - and still - it was good till the 1990. then it turned to hell .. it's good if you have shit loads of money, of for people who have money to spend it here
    now you want to talk about how they treat "others" , like shit, maybe even worse that Mexicans in the USA, how i know that ? i am one of these "mexicans" in kuwait. i have kuwaiti friends who also agree on that, many of my kuwaiti friends didnt even know about the laws, they dont know .. i was born here, my mother was born here, my father have lived here for more than 40 years, my grandfather first came here in the 50's when it was desert.. yet i have to leave unless i have a "kuwaiti" spouse or work in some company..
    as a "foreigner" you will have to pay huge amounts of money, think of it when u have a family, you pay for residency, school, health insurance and for hospitals lol , rents are so damn high, now someone will come and say if you dont like it go back to your country... well this is my country i have no other place to go to, i like this place i like it i love it. i would give it my life .. but unfortunately it doesnt give me anything ..

  • Jose Quinones

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    Brother, everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as it does not hurt or calls to hurt a country on anyone in it, regardless. It is true that Kuwait is peaceful and help others.

    I think, Kuwait should sign a pact with the US and neighboring countries that if Kuwait is attacked, they must provide their armed forces to defend Kuwait, like the country of Costa Rica did. Then, eliminate Kuwait’s Armed Forces and replace them with a highly trained Police and International Police, maintain a Marine Police Department too to patrol its water, like they do in Miami, Florida (my home!) and develop police ties with all countries. A part-time civil armed forces could be added.

    Agreed there are things to do like jet ski, scuba diving, malls & cafes but Kuwait could use more places for young people to spend time together without the stigma or believe that if teenager males and females are together is wrong. Let them have places to enjoy music and dance. Also, I didn’t see a push for the life-performance arts to see performances like Cats or Phantom of the Opera in theathers...

    Every country has its share of mistreatment of others, it is human nature, -if every Christian and every Muslim would truly follow their faith there would not be any wars- You speak of the legal consequences of an employer correcting an employee. The legal way is fine. The problems surges when some employers adhere to cruel and unusual punishment that we all, including you, are against it. Do you remember the lady from the Philippines who worked as a maid in Saudi Arabia and was badly beaten, burned with an iron and disfigured by her employers? That is so wrong but it also does not mean that every Saudi is an abuser.

    About Palestine...I think I know how you feel. During the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, over 5,000 women were raped by Iraqi soldiers, the Palestinians in Kuwait became the check-point guards for the Iraqi army and checked on Kuwaitis, the same one who always opened their arms and country to them..

    I know a foreign lady married to a renowned Kuwaiti of Palestinian descent who defends her husband's ancestry because of her ties to him but I try to tell her the same thing you are saying... Some people refuse to see the truth.

    Brother, never judge least you are ready to be judged yourself by God. Every country has its shares of assholes as well, we have them in the US too but it does not mean that “all” are assholes. Let’s hope that the next generation will learn to get alone better around the world, the internet might help. And you are correct, no adult should be married to a minor.

    Iraq invaded Kuwait under Sadam's orders but, as you know, he is gone, everyone knows Kuwait is a sovereign nation. No worries there. Torture is wrong, brother. Remember you are a Muslim, I am assuming so, and as such you should speak of peace and brotherhood even in the face of people who has done you wrong. Americans always say: “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” and it is true.

    You sound hurt, frustrated and so upset with other races... people are the way they are and it takes time, patience and the love of God to help them change and better themselves. Even the Taliban will change with time, when they recognize the little girls should go to school and not be shot because of it. The Taliban people one day will accept the freedom of individuals to choose their faith without killing them for disagreeing.There was a man in Afghanistan who had to leave the country because he changed from Muslim to Christian. That would never happen in Kuwait where people are free to worship in their own faith. I went many times to Christian churches in downtown as well as in Salmiya, and met a Christian Kuwaiti teaching others.

    Brother, you may not be a rude person normally but your views, expressed here, are.

    I understand you want to defend Kuwait. You must but do it by choosing your words carefully, expressing the truth without condemning a whole race of country because not anyone is the same. I have met good, educated (and not stinking) Indians, Sri Lankans, etc. Remember that you get what you pay for. If you pay for someone who is uneducated that is what you will get but if you want someone with more education, prepared to work without or little supervision and able to help you do higher and complicated tasks... then you must pay more and yes, there are educated people in every country but don’t expect them to wear a maid uniform that looks like pajamas and have them paraded in malls, standing and watching you while you seat and eat so others can see what a worthy and powerful person you are.

    Does every Kuwaiti do that? Of course not, but I just wanted you to know we all have those types of people nobody should want to imitate of be like.

    I spent 8 years in Kuwait, I do love the country and its people and I'll be the first one to admit: I miss Kuwait.

    Good luck brother, hope you think about some of my words in a positive way.

    الله كريم

    Jose R. Quinones
    Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

    By the way, when I started to write to you, we were hit by rockets here in the US base... but I am happy to be here finishing this note to you after it was over.

  • Aleksandra Jelacic

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    Nick,i read what you all wrote here..first i am from Serbia and some part i agree with you but i sick of false propaganda from Cnn and your so-called free government.The Serbs and what is truh reason about war in Balkans you have no idea,no one's problem is not why most of the world does not like Americans, but ask yourself why,I do not know what the U.S. military operates in countries where it should not be because of the so-called democracy,in the Balkans have brought nothing but evil and I hope that one will return

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    I believe he will contact you and help.
    Well, i dont mean that the father of my child has ever seen her ... She is 4 y.old now.
    But i still believe that your Angelo is a human being.
    Good luck and hope to hear good news :)

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    OMG! R u talking about our Angelo who posted in this forum before? He is such a good boy...

  • cristy mendez

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    when the person comes here for the first time the first impression are always bad. But then they dont realize that theyre here because they need a job but not to complain, theres always comparison about kuwait and their own country, WHY? of corz we love our own land but why are you here? isnt that we need job more than the job need us. If dont agree then leave. As ive said theres always first time face the trials, face the truth that the money we need is here. Respect and people will respect you, dont even do something that you know will get you in trouble here then everythings alright.

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    Thats all right, but everyone has a dignity and is free to share his/her own oppinion.
    This is how it is in the civilized world. About the 3rd world - i am not sure.
    Probably its easier to leave than to say what think. Sometimes it is even hard to leave
    thanks to some local customs and traditions :)

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    Thats right:))

  • posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    You are always so kind Cristy :)
    Its my pleasure to meet u here.

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    Yes , Angel, i have heard.
    And though i am a simple person i would tell that unfortunatelly the Earth
    will be managed by the majorities from both religious and statistic point of view.
    I think that the future belongs to them and thanks God our lifes are short so we will
    not see it all.

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