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What kind of souvenirs would you bring back home from Kuwait?

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Can you give me some tips what is typical souvenir to bring back home from Kuwait? Mybe some food, or some little present?

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  • Abs Kan

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    Some of the options that you can consider:

    Packed Sweets
    Metal / brass decorative ornaments
    Sheep wool rugs
    Head bands & cloth (Gatra & Gaal)
    Traditional tea cooking stove / pots / cups / wind blower
    Old / Antique soft drink bottles with Arabic text on them
    Currency specially coins & Stamps
    Small souvenir plates etc with kuwait flag, Towers, etc.

    If u need help in finding these stuff, do let me know.

  • Sara S.

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    Food,could be kuwaiti sweets from markets because it's packaged very well..or how about perfums from Al-Shaya in Muhalab Complex (I like their soft perfums) .. plus there's a souvenir shop in Al-Muthana Complex in Sharq..By the way in Souk Al-Mubarkiya there are a lot of traditional things...Regards,Sara :)

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