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Yard sale

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Yard sale! Used items for sale staring from 5KD:

electronic grill set 10KD
IKEA leather office chair 20KD
cupboard 5KD
inflatable sleeping mattress 10KD
water filter (new) 3KD
sunshade umbrella 5KD
pet carrier 15KD
IKEA flowerpot 5KD
chest of drawers 5KD
auto gravity feeder for pets 5KD
IKEA bar chairs (2 pieces) 10KD (together)
desk 5KD
cat playhouse 10KD
electronic kettle 3KD
office chair 5KD
Computer multimedia speaker (Intex IT-1800 Beats) 5KD
refrigerator 45KD
SAMSUNG MW83U microwave oven 15KD
HP L1710 monitor 15KD
gas-cooker 30KD
washing machine 20KD
plastic table 10KD

If you are interested, contact me at +965 6960 2510

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    It has 4 fire places and an owen, all of them is wokring fine. I could not find any option to upload images here, but if you text me on whatsapp, I can share with you the photos of the items.

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    gas-cooker 30KD
    Can you just upload photos and tell what is the condition and what is working and what is not of that cooker

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