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best internet connection

 Posted in Kuwait forum 

What is the best internet connection here in kuwait at a cheap price? I have a router so i have no problem for wired connection.

  • K ath


    posted by  K ath in Kuwait forum 

    thanks q8 events.. but the prices are too high.. i just need it for home use.. I don't know if viva or zain is good..

  • Q8 Events

    Hi Kath

    posted by  Q8 Events in Kuwait forum 

    You welcome..If you want to use the usb connection .. go for Wataniya

    I hope it will help


  • Sam Barnham

    I've been using Wataniya

    posted by  Sam Barnham in Kuwait forum 

    for a month and find it's the slowest connection I've ever been unfortunate enough to use. Colleagues say Viva is great although I am in the process of getting wireless in my apartment (extremely difficult). If you want to use Skype then Wataniya is NOT the one for you.

  • Ibrahim ~

    Fast internet

    posted by  Ibrahim ~ in Kuwait forum 

    I sugguest the zain or viva USB internet connection, its really worthable for using it at home and other places around Kuwait, it will cost around 14 KD Monthly for the annual contract, also there is a recharge option where you can refill and use it per day/week/month. good luck :)

  • K ath

    to all

    posted by  K ath in Kuwait forum 

    thanks for all suggestions.. I haven't decided yet.
    What do you think of fasttelco?

  • Ahmed Anwer


    posted by  Ahmed Anwer in Kuwait forum 

    I'm using KEMS and it is great , there's T3 monthly subscription @ 10KD/month
    and the speed is 1.5 mbps .cheaper than zain and wataniya and reliable I recommend it for u

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