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cost of living

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Dear All
I got an offer from a company in kuwait called MH Alshaya. They have offered me 1000 KD as a flat salary without any allowances or benefits. Would like to know from the people in this forum and advice as to 1000 KD would be sufficient for a family of 3 means me,wife and kid.
what would the cost of renting a flat in salmiya,food,private medical insurance,travelling expense.

Appreciate your valuable thoughts on this....


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    Alshaya will pay you more if you work for one of their American Brands and you are either from the UK or USA and they will give you better work week and pay even in management. Just negotiate !

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    I wouldn't accept your offer Alshaya always likes to bargain and get you for the cheapest rate possible. Remember all level 14 managers should be making 2400KD-2600KD PLUS BONUS.

    Get everything in writing they are very crafty and will attempt to not pay you if possible

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    Dear Keith Fitzgerald
    thank you for your reply, yes I have medical fireld experience - I am Physiotherapist. ATP will provide free accommodation, so this part of the expences is cut. Thery assured me that accommodation is really close to working place and I do not need transportation.Basiclly I mean normal liffe,not luxury,just fffod, some pocket money, no so much entertainment,. And I am definitely carefull on my expenses and look at my budjet.
    Once again thank yo for your advice
    Best Regards

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    Hi everybody
    I have job offer from ATP clinic at clover centre? Does anybody know something about this company? They offer me 2000 USD monthly with free accommodation and tickets on coming and departure (but not for annual leave). How much monthly I need to live noamally? Will a be able to save something? Any advicces....
    Thanks in advance

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    As Diane mentioned, school fees are high here depending on the age of your child-- private kindergartens can set you back 1000 KD easily!

    2 bedroom apartments in Salmiya cost about 350KD and higher in a nice safe area. One bedroom, not so-nice areas are about 170 KD and up. Oh and you usually pay an extra 10 KD or so for the superintendent of the building (Hariss) to take out the trash , etc.

    Groceries for a family of 3 -- easy about 100 KD/month minimum

    Taxi-- from Salmiya to another place in Salmiya-- 1 KD
    Taxi -- from Salmiya to Salwa -- 1.5 KD
    Taxi-- from Salmiya to Shuwaikh--Kuwait City -- 2 KD
    Taxi-- from Salmiya to Ahmadi -- 4 KD
    Taxi -- from Salmiya to Fintas -- 2.5 KD

    Coffee and snack/cake for 2 persons in any American coffee shop -- minimum 6 KD
    Sultan Center Restaurant on the Gulf Mid-range buffet breakfast for 2 persons -- 9 KD
    Sultan Center Restaurant on the Gulf --Mid-range buffet lunch/dinner for 2 persons -- 15 KD
    Shawarma and sandwich shops -- takeaway -- cheap -- 3 KD-- sandwich/fries/drinks for 2 persons

    200 Fils per ticket on public bus within Salmiya -- do not recommend for wife and child unless during daylight hours and main routes only -- possible harassment by teenage hooligans-- although bus drivers try not to pick them up -- there's always a chance you'll end up in a bus with some of them.

    Depends on your position with Al-Shaya-- management at Al-Shaya are offered accomodation allowance, school fees paid for their kids completely or up to 75% of the tuition cost, transportation allowance. but from the western expats i've encountered here in Kuwait -- everyone is different depending on their position and their bargaining .

    I should also add that all Al-Shaya employees that I know get a 20% discount in all Al-Shaya owned restaurants and stores and some that are higher up get 30% and those that are even higher get the 30% discount extended to their accompanying spouses.

    Good Luck in making a decision!

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    Use caution with Al Shaya. They have a reputation for chewing employees up and spitting them out. I would also caution you about bringing you family here if they aren't providing anything extra. For instance, there is school to consider, and scholls here are not only wimply warehouses for children (I'm a former teacher), but they are also insanely expensive! My advice would be to have your family stay put unti you have been here for a inimum of one year. Then if all is going well, bring them. This gives you time to not only feel secure in your job, but aso to work out expenses and decide if you ccan afford to support them all here. Good luck to you.

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    Well,,1000 kd is not bad..but not is cheap..apartment so so maybe might be high..or medical should be included in your package..but think about it,,ok,,tell them to pay u medical

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