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iPhone Unlock

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Hey, anyone know where I can get an iPhone unlocked? I have two and want to use one over here, not sure if its possible but wondering if anyone knows someone who does thins kind of thing so I can use it on Zain. Thanks in advance for any information.

  • Lara Logan

    I need a good suggestion.

    posted by  Lara Logan in Kuwait forum 

    I just encountered this problem. I have searched for a lot of related unlocking information. Many people recommend me to use RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker. However, I don't know if this is a good choice.
    Information Sources:

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    Iphone unlocked - Get it from Xcite

    posted by  Aryan Ali in Kuwait forum 

    I would like to suggest Xcite. They have been providing Apple products with deals during these lockdown periods.

    Xcite by Alghanim Electronics is one of the leading multi-brand electronics retail stores in Kuwait. As a multi-national company operating in 40 countries, Xcite offers a dynamic, convenient and happy shopping experience to its customers. It also provides a world-class ambience to purchase both in-store and online.

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    Iphone unlock

    posted by  devika sarath in Kuwait forum 

    Nice sharing.Here i want to share my own unlocking experience.Nowadays there are lot of iphone unlocking ways available.For me Using Remote unlocking method is the best way to unlock iphone.Recently i unlocked my iphone using this method.I bought iphone unlocking service from Here i unlocked my iphone without jailbreaking.

  • Fadi Shaya

    posted by  in Kuwait forum

    Official Unlock for ever All kind of iPhones for any version
    Posted on: 10/19/2012 11:03:27 AM | by : Fadi
    Special offer for the first 3 calls (10kd) to unlock AT&T iPhone, on any version. Official unlock to all devices
    your iPhone will unlock for ever, no problem for updates anymore
    Normal price
    15 KD , to unlock iphone from AT&T carrier
    65 KD to unlock iPhone from UK carrier especially O2
    65 KD to unlock iPhones from Canada carrier like roger
    Unlock all blackberry devices & Nokia and HTC

    Note: no need to use any hardware or any extra sim ( like gevey sim and other)
    Special price for more than 2 iPhones

    Call 66744123

  • Ahmed Anwer

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    it is the latest firmware,that means ur mobile cannot be software unlocked, you'll have to buy a chip called gevey sim,it is about 5 KD and it is placed with your iphone sim card to unlock the network carrier and enables you to use your mobile in Kuwait, i suggest that you go to Ibn Khaldoun St. in hawally area or sharq , whichever is near to you.

  • Richard Luc

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    5.0.1 firmware number MC605FB

  • Ahmed Anwer

    Hi Richard

    posted by  Ahmed Anwer in Kuwait forum 

    it depends on the baseband of your iphone..go to settings>general>about and tell me what is the firmware version and modem firmware number

  • Richard Luc

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    Hi Ahmed,

    Thanks for your response. I "just" want to unlock my iPhone that I brought from France and need to use it in Kuwait...
    Kind regards


  • Ahmed Anwer

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    Actually he means Sharq not Shirk, it is an area near kuwait city where they have many mobile shops out there, tell me what is your problem may be I can help

  • Richard Luc

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    My question relates to unlocking iPhone....

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