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iPhone Unlock

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Hey, anyone know where I can get an iPhone unlocked? I have two and want to use one over here, not sure if its possible but wondering if anyone knows someone who does thins kind of thing so I can use it on Zain. Thanks in advance for any information.

  • Richard Luc


    posted by  Richard Luc in Kuwait forum 

    Hi Mohammed,

    I am new in Kuwait. Where is "Shirk"?

    Kind regards


  • Ahmed Anwer

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    hi there
    go to settings > general > about and tell me the following
    Firmware version

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    posted by  harish kumar in Kuwait forum 

    hi frd iam having locked iphone 4 brought frm cannada its ios 4 ver baseband 4.10.1 is it possible to unlock and activate to use in kuwait.

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    iphone unlocker

    posted by  iphone unlock in Kuwait forum 

    iphone unlocker information can be though availed from internet but that doesn’t guarantee a verified software. I have tried my hands over iPhone trump, it seems to be working well for me and plus above, it is verified too. So I am assured, you too can give it a try.

  • Ahmed Anwer

    to nick

    posted by  Ahmed Anwer in Kuwait forum 

    hey nick ,
    i sent u my phone# in a message , call or sms me

  • Nick Ryan

    @ Ahmed

    posted by  Nick Ryan in Kuwait forum 

    If you know how to do, it that would be great. Message me and let me know the terms and all that. Thanks again, and hope to hear from you. @ Mohammed, where is that located?

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    i phone

    posted by  mohammed jaslin in Kuwait forum 

    go to shirq, there is too many shops are there, i was done for it,only 5 minit job, they charging 5KD only

  • Ahmed Anwer

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    tell me do u wanna do it yourself or do u want me to do it for u??
    u welcome :)

  • Nick Ryan


    posted by  Nick Ryan in Kuwait forum 

    It is 4.1 exactly. How should I go about doing this? Thank you again for all the help.

  • Ahmed Anwer

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    so what about the version ? i think it should be 4.1 or lower .. if so , cheer up it is unlockable :)

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