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pregnancy care

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hi ppl,

i m new to kuwait as well as tis forum.
i really need some info regarding the pregnancy care provided in Govt. hospital.
i am preg and soon expecting a wud b of gr8 help f any1 can share their exp with delivery in these hospital.

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    Hi! I'm due on august and planning to give birth in adan also. I want to know if i will give birth in adan will i need to open a file? i don't want any check ups...i just want to give birth in adan. also, i heard that you can get a private room for 5 kd per day. you just need present your salary certificate for that. Can somebody help me?

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    I thank each one ahmad ahmad, saiju mathew and may may for ur valuable response....
    I am a bit relieved and can now peacefully divert my concentration upon the health of my baby and me as well.
    I just look fwd to the day i hold my lil cub in my hands :) and feel strengthened and encouraged by ur wrds.

    Once again thanks guys :D

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    @May May

    lol..your starting sentence is hilarious...:)

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    I salute these men for being the first to reply even without personally going through

    I gave birth to my first at Adan Hospital. All my check-ups was done in government clinics. When i got my contractions at 11pm, my husband brought me to Adan Hospital. Its not because of money but lije you are i made my own research about public and private hospitals. I went into labor the next day 1:20pm. Everything went smooth and i've been taken care well. When i was in the labor room, there were many rooms in that corner of the building and each room is occupied by women from different nationalities. There are nurses assigned for each room. They did not leave me throughout my labor. I was offered epidural (I took it). The nurse/ midwife assisted me when my baby came out. The doctor only came to check if everything was well and made sure that my ovary was emptied out (i mean baby out, placenta out, excess blood out). When my baby came out they showed it to me and told me of the gender. The nurse even offered if i want to see the placenta... They wrap the baby and other nurse cleaned me before a surgeon came in to stitch me back (episiotomy). I was transfered to the recovery room and for the first time i held my child in my hands. After couple of minutes the baby was takenn and i was rolled to the maternity ward.

    My experience in Adan Hospital was not excellent but it was good. The down side of giving birth in the public hospital is that, i was cheched by different doctors most of them residence if i was dilated. My child was kept with me all the time. They only take it when bathing so i didn't really have time to relax esp. at night. I didn't have privacy coz i was sharing the maternity ward room with 3 other patients which has a lot of visitors :-(. I checked out though the next day.

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    As Mr. Ahmed said I agree with him, dont worry, If you worry,that worry make you more confused and sick, I have 3 kids all of them are born in Kuwait.We experience the good care in hospitals but dont expect everything the way you wanted to.In Govt hospitals almost everything is free except ultrasound charges. Do the periodical check up and make sure that things are going well.
    Do your part and the rest left it to the ONE ABOVE. Our children are the Gift of GOD.Pray for your child God will take care. COURAGE

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    Well I think some one really scared you. Let me reply one by one to your concerns. Pleas note that I'm not advocating them but will tell you only what I have seen and observed.

    My three kids were born in Farwanya Hospital. All with Cesarian because of some complication with my wife. I have not heard any case where a patient is left on her own. Two of my friends' wives had normal delivery in Farwanya Hospital. One friend's child was born in Sabah Hospital. It was a premature baby and they kept her for one month with excellent care until she was healthy. Many others. I don't know any one who complained. The person who complained, I don't know in which hospital. May be one in 1000 cases.

    They provide you with the option of epidurals or anasthetic whatever you chose for yourself.

    Comforting care may have different meanings for different persons but let me say they provide an excellent care. There are exceptions everywhere you know. Be kind with the cleaning ladies there and give them some money, a quarter kd or half kd and they'll take care of you as well in case if you need anything. Please note that this is not as bribery but just as a kind gesture towards them from you and your husband.

    That's true they would not let anyone inside the labor room. But your husband can stay outside the labor room if he wants. Again in my view they take good care of you in labor room.

    Decision is up to you.

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    i have heard mixed comments from everyone.some say they had a very gud expr , while other whine that they were left on their own and had struggled during labour. Do they provide you options with medication (such as epidurals, anasthetic etc) ? Can we expect comforting care and encouragements from the nurses around ? Being my first delivery and aware of the fact that they wud not let anyone( i meant family,friends) near u during those tuf tyms i am really freaking out!!

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    The government hospitals here provide an excellent care to pregnant women. The doctors and nurses are good and cooperative. Whether it's normal delivery or Cesarian, you'll get excellent care from them.

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