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    Hi Diane,

    Not sure what others might have noted but.... mail does get through in Kuwait but is dependant upon a few things. I have both business and personal mailing coming/going all the time. If you dropped something off at the post office (Ministry of Communications), then it gets out. It's better to use a delivery service like DHL or Amerex but sm\nail mail gets there also.

    As for the person your dealing with being a cultural bully... probably. People tend to set thier expectations on thier own experiences. I didn't see if you sent something internationally or within Kuwait. A few things to remember. December is traditionally slow in msot countrites due to Christmas. A few gazillion packages coming/going tends to bog things down. Second, a few of the international air hubs got pretty bogged down just befire Christmas. This includes France, Italy, Spain and England. Lots of mail travels by commercial carrier such as United, Luthansa, etc. Ask anybody that tried to get from point A to B this year for Christmas... It wasn't so easy. Took us 3 days to get from Kuwait to London.

    Tell whoever is waiting to be patient. If it still does not show up in a week or two, it might have gotten lost. I had a few letters and packages delayed this year.

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