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Weather in Riga, Latvia

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Hi Everyone!

I'm planning a travel to Riga in the middle of november and would like to know how the weather will be this time of the year, I know its gonna be cold but also, I need to know if it will be snowing or not...?

It's gonna be my first time in Riga and as I will be walking around the city I really need this information from someone who lives in Riga or someone who have been there in the same time..

Does anyone could help me with that?!

Thanks in advance and Have a good one!

Edson Salomão.

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    I am from Latvia :) It is nice that you will go in Riga, today is a little cold, laike autumn + 9 C only, in november it is possible taht will be snowing and cold also :) real Latvian winter :)
    If you want to know something more just wraite me. You are welcome to Latvia !

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