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Going to LIBYA very soon...

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Hello... I am supposed to land a job in Libya on the 8th of October for Corinthia Hotels in Tripoli... I am trying to know more about modern day to day living in Libya...

I am searching the internet for clues but was not fortunate enough to get latest updates...

I am curious about:
1. Proper ladies clothing when out of work. What's acceptable
2. I'm wondering about how to get around the city.. means of transportation; malls? convenient stores?
3. Are there any banks around wherein I can send money to my family in the Philippines...

These are just some of the questions that I was hoping to be answered here in this forum...

If anyone could be so kind enough to give me answers so I can be prepared enough when I arrive in Tripoli. I want to be able to prepare myself and also for me to be oriented with Libya's culture.

Thanks so much

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    Hi..Im going to Libya very soon and I want to know more things about the country :)

    Here my questions.hope you can help me:

    1. Availability of internet in Tripoli in particular to chat and connect with my friends and family in the Philippines.
    2. Is Western Union money transfer available in Tripoli?
    3. Best way to save money in Libya?Do I need to open an account there?

    Thats all for now..hope I can have answers from you. I love to know all about Libya and their culture too.

    Thank you so much.

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    First congratulation on the new job that you got and welcome to Libya.
    About your questions:
    1. Well anyway, women should wear decent clothes; never tops, shorts, leggings, mini skirts, transparent blouses, very tight clothes or huge décolleté. Doing this makes you more comfortable.
    2. Corinthia Hotel is in the downtown, Taxis and mini buses are the main transportation means here, No tramway or metros yet. Conventional stores are everywhere; also malls are getting to be more and more.
    3. Yes of course there are banks where you can transfer your money to your home country, there is That Elmad complex across from Corinthia Hotel and there you can find banks where you can send your money.

    By the way there is kind of big community from Philippines most of them working in Hospitals, so you wont have any problem to cope with the life style here.

    Hope that helps,

    Good luck

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