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Dear friends, ragarding the adv. by Luoyang Group , I would like advice you that this company it is a SCUM COMPANY.........they contacted me for a job in China saying that my experiences were good, and bla, bla, bla. After that a guy send me an email saying to contact Mr Li Sung Chen
Province Labour Department
This person wrote this email : Attension: Leone Schiavone,

It is my obligation to attend to your request regarding Employments Authorization for foriegner who wishes to come to China for work/contract, because you have not previously obtained this document from the State labour Ministry,therefore you have no status to engage in remunerative contract/work within Chinese territory in accordance with it laws.

This document will cover you and would allow you to work in china and the validity is 2 years before a renewal.

foreigners who wishes to come to China for employment/contract should provide an employment authorization document and other relevant papers necessary before he or she can work in any province on china.

You cannot be able to work in china or sign any contract in china if you did not have the Employment Authorization from the labour office in any province on china.

Below are the listed requirments of which you shall provide immediately for processing of the neccessary paperworks with the Approval/ Employment Authorization Certificate from the state Labour and province council.


1) Passport Copy

(2)Name & Address

(3) Birth certificate Copy

(4) Nationality

(5) Telephone Numbers.

(6) 3985CNY OR US$602

(7) Academic qualification copy

(8) A medical Report( See attached a physical examination forms you will fill and return back)

You are required to wire the total charge of (US$602 )to the municipal Registartions office through money transfer(Western Union Money Transfer) with below informations

Name: Drame Koliba

Address:BLock 28, Hanshi Rd.
Guangdong, china

We do not accept international bank cheques. Please send a Copy of your passport of which we shall attach your file.

As regards to sending of your passport information copy and your personal informations, you can use JPEG or PDF and send it through email scanning attachment for clearer mode.

Kindly send us the Mtcn control Number for verificatiosn and pick up when you make the payment.

As soon as we receive the above requirements the processing will begin immediately and a letter of authorization with all the Necessary papersworks from the labour and Civil affairs Bureau shall be issued to you through post in 9 working days for you to proceed with your working pursuit in China.

Sincerely Yours
Mr Li Sung Chen
Province Labour Department
BLock 28, Hushan Rd. Jiangshan City,
Zhejiang ,321004,China

Can you immagine : send money trough Wester Union to a person named Drame Koliba ( clkassic chinese name, ahahahahah ).

Just be carefull cause this guys are SCUMMMMMM.....

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