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dispatching parcels to Libyen

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Hello dear Community,

my boyfriend works in Tripolis since 13 months, and I´d like to send him a packet with some fine things from germany. Now I read on that anything won´t be delivered. Is that right? Is anyone here who can tell me something about it? Don´t want to call my boyfriend because there wouldn´t be any surprise for him.



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  • Abdalla Mansour

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    Hi janina
    should be do not worry about your boyfriend , the situation in libya is very good right now , so do not worry about that .
    you sending your packet via FeeDeex or DHL because those companies still working over there ~~

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    Hello again,

    I just wanted you to inform, that the presen I send to Libyen does not arrive. So perhaps it isn´t possible. I´m not very happy about it, because my present is gone and I´m more in fear then before. I like him to come back!


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