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moving to Lithuania

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Hi everyone,

I have a Lithuanian girlfriend. our relationship is pretty serious and I am thinking about moving to Lithuania. (Klp) I will not be looking for work there as I already work offshore.

what are the pro's and con's and also please tell me the most important do's and don'ts about living in LT.

from what I can tell I find it to be a beautiful and cheap country but on the other hand also a lot of poverty .

I have already begun studying the Lithuanian language. Being good in languages, I must say that this is a tough one. Is it possible for foreign people to fully get the hang of the Lithuanian language ?

thanks in advance.

Roel from Belgium.

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    Hello, dear Arturas Puicious.

    Why did you say that Lithuanians are cold people?
    I have heard that Lithuanians are kind & hospitable people...
    What finally goes for?
    And how come on the one hand Lithuanias (men) shake hands with you (as you said) and on the other hand they are cold and cautious?
    What finally goes for?
    Are Lithuanians cold and unfriendly with foreigners or warm and hospitable?
    Are they more friendly and warm with Christians in comparison with people of another religion?

    Do you happen to know what the basic monthly salary is in Lithuania and if that salary can be a living wage simultaneously?
    I'm trying to understand the standard of living in Lithuania and whether in Lithuania there is a poverty for most Lithuanians or not...

    Finally, are Lithuanians in general terms religious?
    I mean do they attend church every Sunday or only the elderly people?

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    First of all, you lucky to have Lithuanian gf. ;]

    Well, in Lithuania basically everything is how Roel told. Don't be surprised that everyone (men) will shake hands with you. That is the common welcome in Lithuania. Be careful of so many sales, most of the are misleading and has no discount. Better have some Lithuanian friends with you if you go to club or else where for the night. If some one will ask you for a smoke, be ready to fight.:\

    Don't be surprised if people will be cold. Most are couscous and as France study shows Lithuanians are second according closure (low emotional expression).

    If you need help with language there are many course:
    As i work for Lingua Lituanica I would suggest you a intense summer course:

    August 5 to 17 2013, Lingua Lituanica will hold a two-week Lithuanian language Summer Course. Separate groups for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students are planned. The Course runs for 4-6 academic hours per day, with Language practice for 44 hours and Lithuanian history, literature and ethnology for 6 hours. Students will participate in interesting activities to develop their communication skills and enjoy a diverse cultural programme. Intensive Summer Course is the best way to learn language quickly!!!

    We are supported by Lithuanian Language Society.

    Lingua Lituanica student Larissa Ch. (Canada) It was fun! I learned a lot and met new friends! My progress in Lithuanian 100% better than before I came here. Very interesting cultural programme!

    Languages of instruction
    English, Russian, French, Italian, Lithuanian.

    The Centre is conveniently located at Gedimino ave. 26 (3rd floor), just 6 minutes from the Cathedral.

    Price/ Certification
    The course costs 1400 Lt. Students will get a Lithuanian language Summer Course Certificate.

    Contact Information & Registration
    By e-mail: [...] (subject "registration"), by telephone +370 5 231 3239 or just visit us!

    Hope this would help. :)

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    thanks for your reply Algirdas :-)

    I just thought it is a cheap(er) country , when I compare prices of fuel - houses and food to those here in Belgium.

    I will take your advice in mind.
    thanks a lot :-)

    best regards,


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    Right , Lithuanian girls are beautiful , some are both intelligent and pretty.
    Best luck with your GF.
    Who told you that Lithuania is a cheap country? Actually , it's very expensive not only for us here, but for foreigners from West Europe as well. First, petrol is the most expensive in the whole Europe, as well as diesel or gas. Naturally , bills forcentral heating for a long winter season, which lasts for half a year come huge. As they most use gas for heating and less of biological fuel. You car should be economic , otherwise you will soon be short of money. But it certainly depends on your income. Naturally, groceries - Maxima is quite a good shopping centre to buy them if you and your gf are willing to make meals at home, which is recommendd. There is a wide variety of diary products, meat, greens there, also bread, Lithuanian brown bread is awesome. Good quality Lithuanian groceries are quite expensive , you will see it yourself.
    Renting an apartment in the capital is costly, but I hope your GF has got a living place.
    Lithuania, on the other hand, is not a third world country, but its economy is stuck , young people emmigrate, as well as I am jobless and looking for a job abroad. Any developed country.
    Clothes? Hmmmm... never believe those butiques sell brand things, they are fake, nobody here affords to open a truly brand shops of word famous brands.
    Lithuanians , especially the young speak English, so you won't have any problems with them, but elder people do not speak English, just some. Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages in the world and one of the most difficult to learn. No, you will never acquire it unless you put your all efforts and move to Lithuania forever and use it from early morning till you close your eyes for good night.. lol..

    Be cautious everywhere you go or do, do not walk alone on the streets at night - you can be robbed , etc...rely on yourself more , do not trust strangers very much, I read stories , sad ones... beware Roel.

    I do not know which surrounding you appear in here, but too much alkochol is used here by the young and the elder ones.

    I may be late with my reply but the notification has just arrived.
    Any time, Roel.
    Best luck.

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