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    Thank you for your information about Remich

    posted by  Jerry2012 Ho in Luxembourg forum 

    Thank you for providing so much useful information. We really need to reconsider it. We may not be able to consider houses.
    If the flat rent is not much cheaper, we may prefer the city (resident parking permit is not a problem, right?). But it seems we will not lose (much) no matter whether we choose Lux city or Remich :-)

    Yes, I am in the UK now and don't like M25, fortunately I don't need to hit it often. BTW, which 'ring road' did you mention? I am also preparing driving route to Lux. The Tourist Office in London (http://www.luxembourg.co.uk/by_road.html )
    suggests an alternative route via the "Ring" road outside Brussels which is like M25. This route is also what googlemap and tomtom planned. Is it what you usually use? Thanks.

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