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Bank & account recommendation

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We will be moving to Lux end of December.
Any banks you could recommend?
We'd like to open a regular account with no monthly fees.

  • Paolo .

    posted by  in Luxembourg forum 

    I also suggest you P&T.

  • Go to Andreas Schaefer's profile

    posted by  in Luxembourg forum 

    Hallo ist es rechtens das die bgl mir mein dispo sofort von 2500,- euro auf null setzen kann , obwohl jeden monat ausgeglichen würd ?

  • Patricia Xavier

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    I have an account in BGL and I am happy with this bank. I tried to open in Caisse d epargne and they were very complicated, so I did in BGL.

  • Aly Jr

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    I am with BCEEL you can have a curent account called Zebra Account .You do not need to pay any thing for the first year .Its loaded with lots of parckages till you are 27 or 30 .Check it out

  • Laura H

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    I'm with P&T, the account is free and you get an ATM card, but if you want a Visa debit you have to pay (about 12 euro per year I think, which is waived for the first year).

  • Roel S.

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    I think at BCEE they offer a so called job starters package where you do not pay any fees the first year and you get a series of other benefits as well.

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    I'm with BGL and I think they have quarterly fees. If i'm not mistaken they have this deal where f you are a new arrival, your first year is without any fees. I'm not sure you'll find any where you don't have to pay any fees but maybe someone else knows of one.

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