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Can Hepatitis B carrier get Work Permit and Residence Visa ??

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I'm a Software engineer by profession, working in India. I got an offer from a company based in Luxembourg. And I wish to stay and work over there along-with my wife for a long period ( 6 years + )

I'm Hepatitis B Carrier (HBsAg+) without any symptoms / effects or problems for a long time. Can I get a Work Permit and Residence Visa for Luxembourg ??
If an employer selects a candidate, who turns out to be Hepatitis B carrier then what will happen?? Will he be deported due to Hepatitis B Positive Carrier condition?

Also what are the list of Medical check-up for third-country nationals?
I'm at crossroads, please reply ASAP , as I already have a stable job over here, and leaving this will be a blunder if I don't get work permit and residence visa in Luxembourg.

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