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Do a Dependent VISA holder separately need to apply for work permit to get a…

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I am an Indian and will travel to Luxembourg in next few months on dependent visa since my wife has got the work permit there for a job in telecom company.
- Please confirm if I want to work in Lux., then I need to have an Employer who can apply for my work permit in Lux. ?
- I am a software engineer (IT prof.) with 6yrs of development expr. How is IT job market in Lux. ?
- How should I start my job search for Lux. ?
Could anyone please advice.

Suresh Mahajan

  • Swapnil Bandwal

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    Hi Aly Jr ,

    Hope you are doing good .
    Thank you for your genuine replies to the queries posted above .
    I do have similar situation as my wife is travelling to Luxembourg by mid of October 2018 on work permit so I would be travelling on dependent visa and want to find job there .
    I do have 7 years of IT experience in the IT Infrastructure domain based on the technologies VMware server virtualization , vCLoud -vRA Automation , AWS - solution Architect , Nutanix etc
    Could you please also guide me to find a job there and the steps I need to followed once I am landed there .
    I have already started applying to the jobs online on jobs portal of Europe but have not yet received response from any .
    Is there any recruitment firm which can definitely help with this situation .
    Your kind response is highly appreciated .

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    I'm a Software engineer by profession, working in India. I got an offer from a company based in Luxembourg. And I wish to stay and work over there along-with my wife for a long period ( 6 years + )

    I'm Hepatitis B Carrier (HBsAg+) without any symptoms / effects or problems for a long time. Can I get a Work Permit and Residence Visa for Luxembourg ??
    If an employer selects a candidate, who turns out to be Hepatitis B carrier then what will happen?? Will he be deported due to Hepatitis B Positive Carrier condition?

    Also what are the list of Medical check-up for third-country nationals?
    I'm at crossroads, please reply ASAP , as I already have a stable job over here, and leaving this will be a blunder if I don't get work permit and residence visa in Luxembourg.

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    Hi , i am planning to move to Luxembourg. My wife who will be joining me there,Can she get a job on dependent visa after reaching luxembourg? Please advise.

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    Hi Aly Jr

    I have recently moved to Luxembourg as a dependent .I have recently received my residence permit . in your post you have mentioned that on dependent visa I can automatically get a work permit .Does that mean I don't have to search for a sponsor company ??? Can you tell me where I can find more information on work permissions.

    Thanks for the help

  • Aly Jr

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    Hello Suresh, The law has changed since I last wrote that post .You will automatically get a work permit when you receive your dependent visa .Come with your marriage certificate .On arrival your wife will go to the municipality with you .Get you registered in the address where she lives .You will be issued a visa that has the same validity period with your wife . The Indian community in Luxembourg are very active .You will not find things too difficult The only problem you may face is finding a job if you do not speak a second Language like French ,German or Luxembourg .If you are good at learning Languages ,you will over come this hurdle in mater of say a year .I do not know your area of studies . If you are into IT or finance you are more likely to get a job without a second Language . I hope this help Thanks Aly

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    Hello Suresh,

    My situation is also similar to that you were in. I'm looking to move to Lux towards end of this year or early next year. Did you find a job? How difficult was it to find one without French language proficiency? And how good is the market for Java developers?

    I'm a software developer with close to 8 years experience. Any help in getting some job references would be much appreciated.


  • Aly Jr

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    Yes I am an IT technician .living here in Luxembourg .

    Check out this job listing from ABL they may inetrest you .

    ABL Development Team Openings
    Analyst Web-Developer Software Engineer :: Luxembourg

    We are looking for a candidate to participate in the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of a web based health management system. You are fluent in English and experienced in object oriented web based application development using Open Source technologies. You are willing to learn and work in a fast paced environment. You are dynamic, solution oriented, innovative and impassioned in Web Development.

    Job Description
    The selected candidate will be in charge of:

    •Developing new and maintaining existing commercial software products for our worldwide customer base
    •Writing technical specifications
    •Coding, testing and debugging
    •Handling technical customer relationship
    Qualifications and Experience
    You are the ideal candidate if:

    •You have an expertise in Web Development LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySql/Php) / Perl and database technologies (MySQL, Oracle, Postgress).
    •You have experience in Object Oriented development.
    •You have an expertise in Linux (networking, Apache, DNS, ssh).
    •Fluent written and spoken English is mandatory.
    Type: Full Time
    Location: Luxembourg
    Start date: Immediate/ January 2006

    Mr Oswald De Riemaecker at [...]
    2 rue des Dahlias
    L-1411, Luxembourg
    (+352) 2602-2225 phone
    (+352) 2638-8938 fax

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    Thanks Aly ones again :)
    You seems to from IT background.

  • Aly Jr

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    Hi ,
    I know of a guy from USA who got the same qualification like you ,no single word in French or German .He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science ,he got a job in ABL Advance biological laboratory Luxembourg .

    See the web site

    He applied for the job online in USA ,got it and moved down .He got one year contract and after that it was extended but he tunned it down and went back to USA because he told me Luxembourg is too expenssive for him.

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    First of all thanks to u Guys for giving such valuable responses :)

    Currently I am working in Pune-India with a leading MNC called Amdocs Inc.My wife will come to LUX after 3-4 moths (in oct/nov 2011) for her job and then i will get the dependent VISA as well. I am preparing myself in all the aspects so that i can get the job in LUX as soon as possible.I am fluent in English and Hindi languages but not really familiar with French or German.

    Rainer: Thanks a lot , i will surely send you my CV to you.

    I would like to ask you :
    1) How important it is to know the other languages (specially French) in LUX apart from English?
    2) I have done my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science in 2005 and having 6 years work experience. Is this qualification is good enough to get a job in LUX?

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