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Does Luxembourg need more fringe theatre or Spoken Word nights?

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Hi everyone,

I'm having quite the sobering experience having lived my life working in community arts, alternative education and theatre, mostly in the charity sector, to realize how location specific my experience is. My boyfriend is a Luxembourger, living in Luxembourg city, and we are trying to see how I can move there from Edinburgh, Scotland. But work is a big challenge being monolingual. I'm trying to piece together how I would branch out and build a life there and am wondering if there is much in the range of mid range theatre, or poetry night, or whether you think there is an appetite for more in the city?

On the workfront, I'm doubting I'll even be able to get work in a cafe, which I wouldn't be adverse to. I'm trying to jobsearch online but everything is extremely technical/IT/Financial services focussed. Any advice AT ALL of where to look, who to contact? My skills are soft skills, with little formal qualification, but innate facilitation and interpersonal skills which have lead to a varied career teaching improv to adults, making and writing plays for children, teaching street performance in Abu Dhabi, preforming myself, organizing interactive theatre experiences for families, afterschool drama clubs for children.I'm dynamic and vivacious and engaging and people love me in the workplace. But I'm wondering if there is any room for someone like me in Luxembourg.

Thanks in advance for advice.

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