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Hey Marcia,

Yes I am in the same boat here, I moved to Luxembourg to be with my partner and I just speak English and a little French. Finding a job is a nightmare. I've been trailing the agencies and they all say the market is a bit slow, especially if you only speak one language. Oh dear oh dear.

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    Im not sure if you have find your job,but if that helps, I arrived in Luxembourg only speaking english and got the job in the hotel, where I learned french and a bit of german.
    Now Im looking for something else, do you have a contact for the American banks?

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    Hi guys, thank you all for your tips and personal experiences. I have already mentally pre prepared myself for the hard time that im going to have in find some kind of work here. My professional back ground back home, was health (Dental) Management. I know that its going to be very difficult getting in to the industry, cause of the language, that’s why im prepared to take on a new path. I have heard of other cases, where they where in the same position, only English specking and managed to get employment with American banking, doing admin and money transfers. I know that its not much, but its better then nothing and i guess its a step in the door to other positions.
    It’s all so very daunting here, as i don’t even know my way around....

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    you shoudl definitiely give a few of the language schools a ring; they're always lookng for native english speakers.

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    My last job was within Legal, however I was in the sales department. Unfortunately for any sales job in Luxembourg they require at least 2 or 3 languages. I fear I may have to change my career path and start from scratch in Luxembourg :(

  • Jack B

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    Best bet I think would find what industry you want and or have experience in then target the english/international companies employing in that sector and hassle them in person asking for an interview with CV in hand.

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