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Looking for new friends in Luxembourg

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Hi there, I am looking to meet some new people in Luxembourg, since I moved here from England 2 weeks ago. The city seems nice and charming, but sometimes it gets difficult without friends can also look for me on the fb: Sandra Cirko :)

  • Maxime B.

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    It would be fun to meet new people in Lux :)
    Who's in for a drink next week?

  • Patricia Xavier

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    I live in Luxembourg since 2009 and what I can say about here is that is not easy to make friendship . I tried many times but I gave up. I would be really nice to have some friends for go out sometimes.

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    Hi there to all, anybody in for meeting up for a drink one of these evenings?

    I'm also pretty new to Luxemburg (belgian but have lived in different countries)

    Just let me know (my e-mail address is [...])



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    keep me in the loop if you are palnning something for the weekends.\



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    I landed also a few weeks ago, and i am looking for friends. When this meet up?? i will join us !

  • Beth Coupe

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    Hi guys, i'm also a newbie, it's my second week, shall we arrange a bit of a meet up? The weekends are pretty dull if you're on your own!

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    I am new in Luxembourg too, how did it go for everyone? :)

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    Yeah, it would be nice to meet up :) I was born in Bosnia, so speak Serb as well :) Have you got a fb profile?

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    I'm also quite new in Lux...was in Serbia before during 1,5 year...I would be please to go for a drink.


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    hey Ivana, thanks for getting in touch...yeah, it is hard when you come somewhere new and you dont have any friends around...anyway, if you want to meet up, feel free to text me on; 691968379 and will call you can also add me on the fb :)))

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