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Reaching out for help: newcomers young people

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Hi guys,
My name is Volha and I work at the university of Luxembourg. I am looking for young persons between 18-29 from EU countries who have been living and working maximum 1.5 years in any type of job in Luxembourg. It is for my research ☺ and so far I could not find that many persons for it. That is why I am writing here.
In particular, I am looking persons from “non traditional” Luxembourgish jobs ☺ (i.e. not from law, bank, financial accounting, etc. – they are easy to find ☺). In other words, the more varied the job you have, or the more varied your home country, the better ☺ ☺.
I would like to invite you to talk about your experiences working here. I can talk in English and in French.
Coffee and a little present is from me as a thank you for being so helpful !
Would be very happy to hear from some of you!!
Thank you all

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    I'm a Software engineer by profession, working in India. I got an offer from a company based in Luxembourg. And I wish to stay and work over there along-with my wife for a long period ( 6 years + )

    I'm Hepatitis B Carrier (HBsAg+) without any symptoms / effects or problems for a long time. Can I get a Work Permit and Residence Visa for Luxembourg ??
    If an employer selects a candidate, who turns out to be Hepatitis B carrier then what will happen?? Will he be deported due to Hepatitis B Positive Carrier condition?

    Also what are the list of Medical check-up for third-country nationals?
    I'm at crossroads, please reply ASAP , as I already have a stable job over here, and leaving this will be a blunder if I don't get work permit and residence visa in Luxembourg.

  • Colin Ewen

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    Hi Volha
    Sounds like you've been here now almost as long as me :)
    great that you know of these sites and you are right they are usually obove the 30s. Only other site I can think of is couchsurfing or

    Good luck with the research

    Hope you have a good day too


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    Hi Colin, thank you for helping out. I know these communities , i started from there myself 4 years ago. I met great people through there. My experience there is that people are above 30 there, that is why i tried here first. But i will bet back there too. thank you for reminding.
    have a nice day

  • Colin Ewen

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    Hello Volha,

    I don't fit the requirements of the research you are doing (I'm 34) but I can point you to two other sites that might have a wider field for it people for you to get them:

    Any problems etc let me know



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