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Hey !! Just wondering if anyone had this experience ?

I got meself the TANGO UMTS USB device so I can get internet in my studio....19 EUR a month and works fine for emails , facebook etc BUT if you try to use voice calls in SKYPE or the bandwidth just cant handle the call and its wont work...does anyone have this issue with TANGO

THANKS for any tips , I may have to cancel the contract!! could get nasty !!

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    Thanks everyone for the help.

  • Aly Jr

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    Hallo ,
    Your mobile internet connection may not work with voice communivation ( VOIP ) services like shype ,just voip and worst yahoo or msn mesanger because the band widt is too low.For this to work you will need to use the mobile software verssions of these voip .like yahoo or skype for mobile . Your 3G USB stick that contain your sim card , which you plug to your PC to connect to internet only have a speed of surf and download of up to 7.2Mbit/s.
    The speed you need to power Voip is 100 mbs .This you can get from an ADSL connection through a fixed telephone line or an internet connection through satelite dish.
    The solution is to get a contract from Lux GSM called intergral .or From Tango or orange .This include a Fixed line ,Mobile phone line and a high speed internet connection of 100 mbs .This will perfectly take care of your need .
    The cheapest that can pefectly work for you cost about 46 Euro per month for the package .

  • Kasia K

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    I don't know if the problem is Tango, because I had an Orange USB stick and it also was very slow and couldn't handle Skype. I think it's the USB internet in general, it's just not as fast. Good luck anyway, customer service can be a nightmare with internet companies (with Orange anyway...)

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