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What salary to expect in Luxembourg?

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I'm planning to move to Luxembourg.
I have no idea however what salary to expect from from my prospective employer (Software Firm). I am a Software Engineer with 2 years experience in Development.

What is a fair market-going income?

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    $70,ooo per year

    posted by  Jack Boo in Luxembourg forum 

    $70,ooo per year, you can go to google for more info or go to

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    I have an appartment in Wasserbillig that costs 790 per month and it's a 20 minute drive from my office in Kirchberg, there's also a train service to central station. Grocery prices in Wasserbillig are fairly low.

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    But remember if in LUX, you can easily go to Germany where all is cheaper...Del Haize is nto too bad no worries on that...too mean its seems to be accomadation, beer and eating out seems more expensive, and flying from LUX airport can be fierce costly.

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    posted by  Max Im in Luxembourg forum 

    Thanks for the heads-up, Martin.

    But except for the accommodation and beer, what else is very expensive over there?

    I hear that in general groceries are in line with thebordering countries (Belgium, France, Germany) which shouldn't be much, really. I understand they don't have any alternatives to Penneys so clothes would be dearer but both Aldi and Lidl seem to be there.

    Also, Auchan, Cactus, Cora and Delhaize shouldn't be much more expensive than Tesco/Dunnes/Superquinn/Supervalu in Ireland, no?

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    Only thing I can say is lad, people move to LUX for HIGHER salary. People defo get paid more here, so if thats not the case then ask why?

    Was in Esch Sur Sure today...beatiful town mate.(close to Esch).....

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    Thanks for that, Martin. I know it's only Luxair flying to Dublin. No Aerlingus or Ryaniar, can't afford it, probably.
    Yes, I see it's dear alright... Accommodation is more expensive in Dublin now, as it seems. That's why I was asking about the rates as what they offer in Esch is less than what I have in Dublin. Probably no point moving to a dearer place for a lower salary.

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    I have been in LUX since OCT, toured all over LUX.

    My opinion (and mine only) is that LUX is very very nice and good place to live BUT if you compare it to MUNICH for example where you can fly home to Ireland on a Friday and back MOnday no issue for under 200 eur and beers costs 3.20eur and an apartment is like 800 in LUX CITY beer is 5 eur/pint, studio apartment 900 and airport is VERY expensive here, no cheap airlines service it.

    ESCH would be cheaper to live but its a very very quiet town. But sure is nice.
    ESCH definitely cheaper than LUX city.

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    What you mean, it's dead, Martin? Boring? No craic at all? I guess I understand all Luxembourg is expensive but I thought Esch would be cheaper than the capital... Did you spend much time over there (in Esch)? I see you've been in Luxembourg for just a couple of months yourself. Cheers :)

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    Same as LUX, but ESCH man, you know ITS DEAD as hell mate. No clue on permi salaries. Just remember LUX is v expensive.

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    What would be OK for Esch? I have 15 years of IT experience (development/administration/support).
    Merci :)

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