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What salary to expect in Luxembourg?

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I'm planning to move to Luxembourg.
I have no idea however what salary to expect from from my prospective employer (Software Firm). I am a Software Engineer with 2 years experience in Development.

What is a fair market-going income?

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  • IT

    posted by Deleted user in Luxembourg forum 

    Contracting 400-500 a day, permi too opened ended to would have 35 days paid holidays, medical etc..maybe 3000-4000 net...your big issue is the price of renting an appartment here oooouch !!!!!!!!

  • Decio Denis Bernardo

    posted by  in Luxembourg forum 


    did you receive some answers?
    I am a computer science engineer and I have almost three years of experience in banking IT.

    I am asking to myself what should be a good market-going for me in Luxembourg.

    thanks in advance.

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