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Where to live? Should we choose Cents, Hesperange, Howald or where!

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Hi there to everyone,

I was glad to find this website, as it is not so easy to find forums in Luxembourg :)

My husband and I may be moving to Luxembourg quite soon if I am successful in getting a job in Kirchberg, and it is looking that way. We would like to live somewhere within easy enough reach of the center of Lux and of Kirchberg and be close to nature. Basically we would like to spend most of our evenings going for walks near woods or parks, spend the odd evening having a pint of black stuff in Lux and I would like to spend about a half an hour getting to work in Kirchberg.

We won't have a whole lot of money as my husband will be job-hunting when he arrives, so we were looking at Cents, Howald and Hesperange in particular, as apartments seem to be a little bit less pricey.

So does anyone live here or know these areas? Are there any amenities like bakeries, local grocery stores, pub/restaurants? Or do you have to go elsewhere for all these things? How good are the bus connections from here to Kirchberg and to the city-centre and how bad is the traffic?

Does anyone have any other suggestions for nice areas close to nature, but within reach of basic amenities?

thanks for any advice you have to give

regards Noelle

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    Thank you Tony, you are very helpful.

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    thats a tough question..ive not needed to look for a place in years. maybe someone else reading these letters can help out with an address or two?
    try the sites

    normally theres not a problem with private renting. i guess it does happen where one or two landlords are not honest, but in general they are correct.
    if i think of any more i'll let you know.


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    Hi Tony, could you recommend some website with information on private renting? In general is it reliable in Luxembourg? Thanks.


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    Hi Noelle.

    im glad that it has been of some use to you.
    the resto bananas i know of, ive eaten there before and i like it too. ;-)

    if youre going to rent, try and find something privately, because if you go through an agency they will most likely charge you a months rent on top of everything else! you could end up paying as much as 4 months rent even before you get the key.

    best of luck...


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    Hi Tony,

    that is very helpful, thank you! I have a better picture of these areas now. We really will have a big decision to make with regards where to live. We lived before in Trier and loved it. But neither of us had to commute to Luxembourg.

    So this time we thought we would look at living in Luxembourg, but we know nothing about the everyday life in Luxembourg. So I'm glad you mention the traffic problems and the lack of buses to some areas after midnight. I thought I was getting away from all that :) So those areas do have some advantages, in that they do have some amenities, but it will take longer to get to work than expected. And driving may be another possibility then.

    We know we have to come over to visit and spend a few days in Luxembourg, exploring some different areas. So it's great to get some feedback on the areas, as we won't have time to go everywhere.

    I had a brief walk around Lux the other, my the restaurants seem very expensive. I went into some place called Bananas though, and it was not expensive and very good :) So I suppose you just have to shop around!

    Thanks again Tony, appreciate it.

    Cheers, Noelle

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    if its any help, cents, howald and hesperange and good places to live, howald is 1,5 km from the citys train station and hesperange is only 2,5 kms. theres a fair size supermarket in howald and restaurants/cafes are all over the city. (the city prides itself on restaurants).
    you can find local grocery stores, bakeries, but the numbers are on the decline in the city. but they still exist in these areas. cents, hesperange and howald are still attached to the green belt areas so your desire to walk in the nature is definately possible.
    there are good bus connections to the city from howald/hesperange, but no late night buses after midnight.
    cents is closer to kirchberg, but there isnt much there in terms of supermarkets etc, you would have to goto kirchberg for that. the bus connection to kirchberg is not so good and takes too long in relation to its location to kirchberg because all buses stop off in the city before going to kirchberg, but cents does have a late night bus service.
    the traffice is chaos here most of the time during peak periods, where ever you live you will be stuck in a traffice jam on a regular basis.
    by car, cents to kirchberg is approx 10 mins, howald/hesperange to kirchberg is approx 20 mins (excluding traffic jams)
    i hope this helps you out.


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