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HI i recently moved to luxembourg and have moved into an unfurnished apartment i looking to buy a sofa that isn't expensive

Emelia Phelan

  • Alex S

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    Yes indeed it;s near the border (
    QtgM). People from Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium come there to shop. But as I was saying you can go, choose your merchandise, and have it delivered at home. I payed 45 euro if I remember well for a couch and office furniture. Pay attention though that they're closed on Sunday. I went there once without considering this, and the place was deserted.

  • Jukka K

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    Hi all,

    Im in the process of moving to Lux soon as well and trying to sort out apartment and furniture as well... I red somewhere the nearest Ikea is on the Belgium side, near border?

    I guess you can get home delivery as well from Ikea, would help things quite a lot actually :)

  • Emelia Phelan

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    thanks will try ikea didnt know they delivered

  • Alex S

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    Try IKEA? they can deliver the furniture at your door for a price. If you are looking for a new one, it;s the cheapest you are going to find in here.

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