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looking for guitar lessons

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Hi Guys,

I am looking for guitar lessons, I'll appreciate any suggestions :-)

looking forward to hear from you!


  • Jalo Sette

    posted by  in Luxembourg forum 

    Hi! I know this post was almost 1year ago, BUT I have info you might find useful...
    contact me at this: jalo7777 (at)

  • Go to ben knight's profile

    posted by  in Luxembourg forum 

    I know this post was a while ago but do you still know of a guitar teacher here in Lux Michael?

  • Monika I

    posted by  in Luxembourg forum 

    Hi Michael,
    thanks a lot for the link, pls give me the details of the teacher from lux whenever you get a chance. It will be great :-)


  • Michael Doyle

    posted by  in Luxembourg forum 

    Hi Monika

    Try this link - there is a number for the fellow too. Also going to get you the telephone number of a music teacher here in Luxembourg, but may take a day or so but I'll message you privately with those details.

    Hope that helps.


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