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I need buddies!! i have been here for 3 months and survived winter, amazing…

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i am feeling uninspired and need some lovely new friends in this lovely new town.

i love
the arts,
water sports,
equestrian sports,
martial arts
i love people and places
i am:
can be wild,
can be cultured, lol
entertaining (so i am told)
so, anyone wanna catch up for any of the above, i'd love to hear from you.

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  • Kasia K

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    Hey, I just moved here from Toronto and would be interested in meeting up, though I missed the one you organized in February. Anyone interested in going for a coffee? ;)

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    Hiya...just looked and the restarant I was thinking is called can find it on and from the sounds of it it is celebrating its one year anniversary and for month of Feb 20% is taken off the bill!! :-) Anyways...will email or text Tuesday for final confirmation! Ciaooo

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    Hi Lou, Yes I got your number! Was waiting to be friends with you all, before sending a group mail with my number etc...yes its Thursday 25th, we could arrange it for 8pm instead? I am ok with that!

    Marisa, Place Guillaume is in the centre, it is next to the Place d'Armes - the main restaurant square, and just next to the Palace and Cathedral...

    If you give me your personal email addresses I will send a little map off google to show where it is exactly. You can park directly underneath place guillaume...otherwise I will have a look tomorrow for the exact address of the restaurant...and check its open!

    Will be in touch!

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    Hi Guys, was just trying to find this place, and can't find where Place Guilliaume is, is it in the City center?

  • Lou S

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    Argh, I'm not receiving any emails! Lisa, did you get my phone number? Thurs (I'm presuming next?) sounds good, I won't be able to be there at 7 but will try to arrive before 8!

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    Hi, yes that sounds great to me, Thurs is a better night for me if that is cool with everyone else?

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    What about Wednesday or Thursday night? We could go for a pizza and glass of wine..or two! I know a place on Place Guillaume - called Bruni - I think, central and easy for newcomers to find! Otherwise we can just find somewhere for a drink!?

    What about meeting around 19:30?

    Come back with other suggestions etc...sounds like we are flexible! :-)

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    Hi Lisa, I will def be up for this, any evening is fine with me. Just tell me where and when! looking forward to it!

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    Might be an idea to put your photos up! Otherwise could be a bit hard to recognise each other!

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    Hi everyone,

    So far that make 4 of us! And I just had a message from Sophie - a fellow Brit/French! We should definetly organise an outing next week! Are you all able to be in town in the evenings? We could go for a drink/dinner and just have some fun!!

    Awaiting replies!

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