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Is it easy to find a Job and live in Malaysia?

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I’m planning to move to Malaysia soon and I would like to find a job.

I have valuable professional experience in Marketing, Sales and managing National and International customer’s accounts in various sectors. I've been searching on the net the most popular jobs and all of them are related to IT or Communications.

If you don't have this professional profile, is it easy to find something there?

Which should be the normal salary to live and enough to rent a flat and pay all your expenses if you're leaving in couple?

I would appreciate your help on advising me for something where my profile
could fit properly.

Many thanks!


  • Paula Andrea

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    Dear Conrad!
    I was 100% sure that I replied to you post!! But now I see that it wasn't sent properly... I'm really sorry!!!
    All the info that you sent was very interesting! not only for me, as you can see it was also usefull for other people.
    Let's see if we can finally get what we want.. and live in your lovely country!


  • Mathias D.

    job info

    posted by  Mathias D. in Malaysia forum 

    Thank you for the information Conrad.


  • syed ali


    posted by  syed ali in Malaysia forum 

    I liked your positive response .

    Thanks for the info .

  • Go to Conrad van Burace's profile


    posted by  Conrad van Burace in Malaysia forum 

    Take a look at It is the most successful online job database that most Malaysian companies (and Malaysians) use. Most local companies may not be willing to take the trouble of hiring expats due to additional paperwork and whatnot. However, that is a general feel and of course you could get lucky. Your best bet is to try with a larger multinational company like Shell, Pfizer, MSD, etc...

    As a couple, you'd have to earn around MYR 8,000 - MYR 10,000 (both income total) to be able to live comfortably. There are locals who can live with a salary below 2500 but this is not what I consider comfortable. If you earn at least 4K with your job you could eat out often and afford weekly entertainment. Unfortunately, salary range in Malaysia is pitiful and the average Malaysian salary (for locals) is 1800 - 2200 for entry level. I am not too sure about expat wages but as I've said do try the website above. Also try Possibly make some expat friends there first and they can really tell you more. Or even ask anyone there to introduce job vacancies, you never know.

    I am a Malaysian by birth and have been working here for 7 yrs.

    Hope this helps

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