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Work Hour in Malaysia

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Hello, I'm Mega.
Can you help me, please?
I want to know about work hour and school hour in Malaysia.
When you go to work? When you back from work?
When you go to school? When you back from school?
Because now I am researching about other countries daily activities for my job in office.
Thank you for you cooperation :)

  • Mohd Zaid Kadir

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    May be i can add little info...if u ve a kids , there a lot of muslim schools here .

  • Go to Angie VC's profile

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    Work hour in Malaysia usually start from 8.30-5.30 or 9-6pm. Most of the office work is from Monday to Friday work but there are jobs that requires working on Saturday as well.
    School usually there is two session morning session which usually start in the morning and end at noon and the afternoon session which start in the afternoon and end in the evening.

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