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Broadband in Malta

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Hey Guys

I was wondering what the broadband internet is like in Malta? I'm moving there near the end of Feb and was wondering what the broadband speeds/costs are like?


  • Mhix (Meesh)

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    100M Fibre to the home for 70EUR/month...

    Download/Upload speed to '' server in Rome tested at 120Mbps/5.4Mbps respectively. Get around 40Mbps/1.5Mbps to London... so it's pretty good.

    I'm on a business plan rather than the residential so I pay about 10EUR/Month more than the residential plan, but I get 24x7 Engineer support (I have called them at 2am and they have come out to fix it within 10 minutes).. Residential plan, you call them at 2am, you might get through by 2:30 and they'll come out the following day (ie after 7am)

    Other plans are listed at the site above that Phil posted. There are other providers as well but my experience is they all cost the same, but n average you get better bang for your buck with Melita.



  • Phil Zammit

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    This can help ...

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