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Looking For a Electrical Job

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Having 09 years’ experience in the field of Power plants (Generation), Maintenance and Operation, Oil & Gas-projects for Electrical Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Protection Works.

Check and Maintain Central Battery sys, Check and Maintain Lighting KNX sys,
Check and Maintain Electrical DB’s & Panels and Component’s,
Check and Maintain HVac Cooling Sys like FCU’s, CWCU’s, AHU’s & Chiller’s York and Honey Well.

Specialized Electrical skills in Electrical Generators, MV/LV Switch gears, AC/DC Boards, Transformer’s, protection Relays, Gas insulated Switch Gear System, DC Batteries.

Complete knowledge in Electrical fault types, Fault characteristics and their calculation methods

Installation, Testing & Commissioning of, Electrical Based generators, Switch gears. Testing Generator line and Neutral Compartments, offline & online testing, stability test, synchronization, excitation, reverse power, load rejection. Polarization Index of Generator Stator winding.

Testing & Commissioning job of 13.8kv/4.16 kV/480V Switch gear includes complete Scheme Check, Panel Wiring, Component Testing, Bus Bar stability & sensitivity Test.

Testing of Numerical protection relays of different vendors like GE, SEL, SIEMENS, SEPAM and putting Final settings as per Client/Consultant. Routine test of Current transformers i.e Ratio check, polarity check, burden test, Knee point. Routine test of VT's.
Testing of Low Voltage Circuit Breaker including contact timing testing, Instantaneous & Over load protection. Ac VLF Hi-pot test of POWER CABLES rated up to 36 KV. Meggering checks on BUS BAR, GENERATORS.

DC Battery charging & Discharging test using Torkel load Resistance bank.

Installation of fire alarm & detection system including explosion proof heat detectors. Testing & Commissioning of Fire alarm & detection system.

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