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Looking for an apartment

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Hi! I'm a Belgian student (23 years old). I’m going to Malta from the beginning of February for an internship min 6 months.

I found someone who wants to share and reduce the costs. So I am looking for an apartment with a minimum of 2 rooms.

Our wishes of an ideal home: 2 double bedrooms seperate (if this is not possible with our budget then a single bed is also okay). A bathroom with shower (one bathroom is enough)  Furnished and WIFI. that's all!!  we are easy people! Our budget is preferably around +-1000 € per month, Cheaper is of course always better

The region: St Julians, SWIEQI, Pembroke, SLIEMA or anywhere else closeby. We both have an internship in st. Julians!

Last but not least: If you contact me please mention if there are bills / deposit / fee or other extra costs please. 


Whatsapp: +32471660910

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