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What is the price of 1 Coca Cola can 33cl in a supermarket in Malta?

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What is the price of 1 Coca Cola Can 33cl in a supermarket in Malta?
Trying to understand the cost of living there.
Thanks !

  • Professor PECook

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    I come from America so if you want my advice ... you can find all kind of information like that by searching the internet for a blog called an AMERICAN in MALTA. ( not mine - not affiliated but no registration + no advertisements, when I visited it )

    The person who created the page wrote me several answers when I was still in my "considering traveling there" phase last month.

    My quick suggestion for you is to expect almost everything in Europe to cost more than the United States but the Euro is stronger than the dollar, jobs pay more and there could be exceptions to this rule like faltering countries or smaller nations like this one. *\0-0/*

    Please write me direct from my profile here, on my site PAYearner.BIZ.HT and on this forum if you do make it here because it would be fun to see a friendly from back home.

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    there is a distributer in malta for coca cola, you just look up distributer malta coca cola and should give you the details of their warehouse,
    hope this helps! let me know if you've found it

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    Here is the price list of beverages in one of the greatest supermarkets of Malta

  • Robin W

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    Hi Anthony, i use this website to try to get an idea of the prices on Malta.

    There you can check all products.
    Good luck mate!

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