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Mexican Permanent Residency - Travel responsibilities and how not to loose my Pr

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I have a question, if someone knows or has experience with Mexican Permant Residency and how it relates to my situation?

Now that I have my MPR card, what are the requirements on showing it when I come in and out of the country from the US?

I live in Baja Norte (Rosarito Beach area) and things are pretty relaxed here when driving thru the border. I have never had to show any ID entering Mexico unless I did so to obtain tourists visas, etc.
...and when I leave I just show my SENTRI card going into the US.

I guess my question is there any reason to show my MPR card to anyone either way? I also plan on flying to Mexico, further south for vacation soon and I understand the requirements/watchouts when traveling and filling out the tourist visa issues.....the hard way.

So I guess my real question is, is my MPR card tracked when I leave and return, if I present it leaving Mustafa t I present it coming? And if not, Will any of this threaten my permanent residency

Juan Doe

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