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Aside from Monterrey, what are other desirable cities?

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Monterrey rates as one of the safer cites, yet the weather is hot from what I read.

Can anyone tell me: What are some other cites in that same part of the country that may be cooler or have other advantages?

  • Larry Douglas

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    Thanks Edgar. OK was afraid all towns would be hot near Monterrey but I still like the thought of Monterrey from all I've read. I stayed a week in Cancun and Monterrey has to be better then that.

    I would like to try staying in Monterrey for a long period to see it I would like to live there. Before that though I may stay at a beach in Baja for a couple months as there is a place to park my camper and I will see what I can find out about the cooler parts inland.

  • Edgar CR

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    Mmmm... most of the north Mexico is worm at this time, is really hard to find a cooler place, I think all the others are hoters, and near to the beach is hot and more humidity. If you want cooler places you must to visit places at Mexico center.

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