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Cost of living in the Netherlands

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We are planning a move to the Netherlands however I am keen to get an overall cost of living in the Netherlands before we move as there seem to be some costs that are much more than the U.K, specifically road tax and health insurance and mobile phone contracts.

So far I have the below estimates, can anyone confirm or share their experiences of costs?

Health insurance - approx 80 euros per month
Car insurance - 800 euros per year
road tax - 70 euros per quarter for a petrol car = 280 euros per year
internet/ broadband per month? = ?
mobile phone contract per month = ?

Any shared experiences of costs would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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    Amsterdam is much more exy then the UK. Rent is very exy depending on where you want to live. There is a shortage of apartments for rent so that pushes up the price, its a very desirable place to live. Amsterdam is a beautiful city to live and I LOVE it but you pay the price! The saying here is 'Íf your not looking for a job here your looking for an apartment!' Why do you need your car anyway? the best form of transport is a BIKE. Living in the ring you will have difficulty parking your car, its all permit parking which could be a 2 year wait depending on area. I say ditch the car invest in a BIKE the only way to really see and experience Amsterdam! good luck :) and dont forgot to add garbage and water tax to your exspensives.

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    per maand: one person.
    transport depend for you but aproximatly 200 euros
    food 400
    tel 40
    insurance 130
    auto ins. + gas 200
    house rent depend minimun 450
    service house electriciteit ?

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    There are many providers, all offering different prices, so its a good idea to shop around for all these items:
    if it helps you can estimate an average of
    internet/ broadband per month? = €50

    mobile phone contract per month = €20
    but it depends on the type of phone you have

    there is a very good site, but of course its in dutch, however you can see

    Health insurance - zorgverzekering
    Car insurance - autoverzekering
    internet/ broadband: mobile phone - mobiel internet
    hope this helps:

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