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Discrimination and Racism in the Netherlands

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After reading an article this morning, I needed to get input from people actually living in the area. The article was discussing European countries and Anti Islamic sentiment. In the article in mentioned a political group in the netherlands that was in the same neo nazi mind set that a ethnic group should be set apart and monitared. I became very disheartened because we've been considering a move to the Netherlands for a long time. We are fed up with U.S. government and culture, and one of our biggest issues is the ignorance and intolerance to different culture and religion. So my question is how often do you honestly come across this kind of social ignorance in day to day life, and how much is it a part of the politics of the day??

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    Tom, why dont you answer ? are you afraid to practice freedom of speech.
    will you allow hitler to speak unde the basis of freedom of speech?
    will wilders promote a good example of the netherlands?
    why nobody forbids wilders to promote racism ?
    is that good Tom?

    i know tom your lack of intelligence doesnt allow to see it

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    Barbara,did you look here;
    and here;

    perhaps this is a help, I just filled something'll find here many links for more info;

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    Hi Barbara, as USA citizen you of course can come to NL without a visa, for 3 months , to look around.
    Can you come here through a student exchange program, since Dutch also go to f.e. USA to study.
    Coming as a special skills migrant is depending of the salary, below 30 around 35000 Euro per year.Your partner can come with you.
    And it depends what your education and skills are.
    You can find more info at the site of US citizen in NL,US Embassy or at the site.

    I don't even reply anymore to that Cuban, since he is prejudice against Dutch people.Don't know why he stays here, if he thinks Dutch are racist and anti muslim.
    A small, rightwing group makes a lot of noise,and there will be a rightwing demonstration, no body bothers about it, we have ,like in USA , freedom of speech.

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    To move to the netherlands i advise you to read the following web pages and for looking for a job

    Coming back to our main topics this weekeend, there will be a public demostration in support of wilders, can any out there , would believe this. It will happen this weekend. I wonder Tom whether you will be in support of wilders as any dutch or the opposite and right side against him. I invite you to go there to protest. I know you wouldnt do it because as most of dutchies , they discriminate but they dont let others now

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    We have looked into the different ways to become legal citizens. We have spoken to both the netherlands embassy here in the states, and the U.S. embassy there in the netherlands. I will most likely becoming over as a student, but also looking into finding a sponser that would hire me so I may be eligible for a work visa. You can only find so much through normal search means, so it was key for us to be able to speak with people actually living there. What are some of the main political issues facing citizens currently?

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    Moving to the Netherlands

    posted by  Jess K in Netherlands forum 

    Hi Barbara,

    I am just curious about what you have found in your research regarding the legal ability to move to the Netherlands. I am an American who is married to a Dutchie so I am able to stay here legally. Do you plan on studying here or anything? I am asking because I just don't want you to get your hopes up that it is easy to move here. It's actually almost impossible to come and just immigrate here unless you are married to a Dutch person, have a Dutch partner, come to study, or you get hired by a company based here, whether it be a Dutch company or from another country based here.

    That all said, I can understand what you're saying to some degree. The Netherlands is a nice place to live, and I enjoy it here as (also as a wife and mother). However, this country has a lot of crap just like many other countries around the world. It is not perfect by any means. I know many folks who are quite frustrated with how things have been going here lately, especially with the government. Unfortunately, discrimination is alive and well here also. Generally-speaking, the Netherlands has been known to be very tolerant country of people from other countries/cultures/ways of life. However, many will tell you that this is beginning to change. I think it's good that you're connecting on an expat site such as this so you can get a glimpse from others just how life is here. :)

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    Yes I am still reading and keeping an eye on the many different opinions. There are so many reasons why we'd like to leave the U.S. First and foremost the ignorance and intolerance here is too much. I may be a white american but I want my son to grow up with a global community mindset, people come in every size shape color and everyone is different and thats what needs to unite us. My husband and I were mistreated and humilated by the U.S. army after my husband served for 4 years, including serving in the Iraq war. We fear for our safety, knowing that most countries, and political groups are not fond of the U.S. idea that it is a global police unit. We culturally are just so very different than the people we are surrounded by. We are still considering a few other countries, but the Netherlands is my first choice. I've read so much about how advanced the country is as far as economy, education, crime prevention and punishment, and many other things. Our biggest goal is to find a place we feel our son can call home and truly believe and stand behind.

  • discrimination

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    i was trying to send back this morining after reading, it did not quite sound as i was saying. basically what i was trying to say is that i face this back in london and a nice way of putting it they leave there print and when your assumed to be vunerable who do you turn too?who believes you? that sounds more clear,touchy topic was enlightened at an early age.

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    really putting it up with it hear ,but there tactics is being to over friendly without any interest to be topic of conversation in my rage of vextation for sympathy else were knowing the truth, hear it's like the like it when you are accomanied with very little assiociates to mixed Versions of the trurth, i got started from my 18 th birthday. Will get to detailed.

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    how many of the same did you send me?

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