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    So many questions, so please forgive me if I miss one or two. First, yes I have looked over both sites that you were nice enough to leave for me. I had reviewed them months ago, but was a good refresher. Second, yes we know many others who were mistreated after they left the military. My husband was what many refer to as a "grunt". He was an infantry soldier, the deadliest job for the military, especially during war time. They were consistently treated like nothing more than mules. He worked every holiday, every weekend, and too many 23 hour days. He never complained and was very proud to serve. After he was discharged he was denied the education benefits that they pay for the first 2 years they serve, because he was 2 days shy of his full term, based on how the military processed him. We know all too many man that were treated the same, especially the "grunts". Next, the danger we fear here is not based on religion or color. We are very much standard americans. We fear for our safety, because we feel like its only a matter of time before there is another attack on the U.S. We also fear because we are very blantant about our distaste for most things "american" the diet, the culture, the ignorance, the politics. We fear in these tough times we may become targeted. As far as Americans not being aware of the world around them, YES, that is very much the truth. They are clueless, and what they do know they pull from mainstream media, which may claim to be "free media" but its run by major corporate and political players. There is a bias to the media, what we hear of the outside world is what they want. We hear the "bad things" our enemies do, and nothing else. Its become a tool to control americans through fear. Unless you look very hard to find foriegn news sources that can be trusted, you are blinded. Also, yes the cost of getting an education is insane. Right after high school, I was accept as a baking student at a very good, but not the best "state college" which means its associated with the state I live in, and "cheaper". My first year was supposed to cost me over $30,000 and that was after my "federal and state aid", aka the money the government gives to help pay the cost. I couldnt attend because I could gather enough money in loans.
    The other question I wanted to be sure to address was the other countries we had looked into. All are still on consideration by the way. -- Canada, New Zealand, France, Italy and I think we had discussed a few others but without much true interest. I am more attached to the Netherlands. It is my california, my moscow, is you understand my meaning. I've always held an interest in the culture and society there.

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