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    Dutch people are really diplomats. They only let you know what they think if necessary. Indeed you holland is multicultural country nobody cant denied that fact. However Dutch people in general term dont get muslim people. Muslim people has weird traditions and habits for the Dutch perpespective. Dutchs dont mind whether you are from nigerio, south africa or the moon. Nonetheless when you are muslim you get a big problem. Nobody will admit this but many dutchs secretly tell you i am happy "you are not muslim". On the south of holland in Limburg. The racist headquarters had been established due to the PVV. You shall keep in mind that holland is really multicural on the harbor of Rotterdam you can see thousand of caribbean people working there to make. So racism is not by the colour of your skin or your origin. It is mainly whether you are muslim or not. Any dutch will admit this but innerly they think that Muslim shall go back or kick them out from holland. You can make a test try to wear a headscarf in your head like a muslim woman. Then you will see how hard becomes your life in holland.

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